Other Blogs That Are Cool

Rachel Held Evans She is my blogging hero, and what’s more, she is an important voice at this time in history about where the Church is headed.

Rob Bell’s Tumblr “What Is The Bible?” I can’t tell you how important and awesome this series is. You just have to read it. Start at the beginning (it’s a very good place to start), and read it to the end. It is a brand new pair of glasses with which to see things….

Jen Hatmaker She surprises me every time with her love and her wit and her wisdom. It probably should surprise me anymore, but…. here we are.

God’s Politics Blog A blog by Jim Wallis & friends

A Yankee Mom In Texas unseemly confessions and absurd musings that serve no practical purpose–A blog by Jacoba Sytsema. She’s really funny. And she’s my cousin. 

Rest on Me a hodgepodge of funniness, creativeness and sweetness by my friend Steph Hagen. It’s a little girly, but it’s awesome.

The Bloggess Like Mother Teresa, Only Better.  One of the funniest things I have ever read. So funny. Have a taste here

We Are The 99% Whatever you think of the whole Occupy Wall Street thing, you should probably take 10 minutes and read through some of these letters.

Thoughts Of Brown This guy is my friend, and he’s the real deal.

Matthew Paul Turner A guy who’s a lot like me…. It seems–I don’t really know him. Anyway, I like his blog.

I’ll add more soon…. I need to find more guy blogs.

12 Responses to Other Blogs That Are Cool

  1. Eloise Conklin says:

    Have the homo supporters not seen and heard the mocking, offending and hateful comments aimed toward Christian, Bible believers? Since when do Christians not have the right to voice their convictions, most especially when ask during an interview? If Christians can’t state their beliefs….then neither should homos be able to boldly flaunt their lifestyle. It’s extremely offending to Christian, Bible believers!

  2. bluntbelief says:

    The link for God’s Politics Blog doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. Emerald says:

    Whatever your views may be, someone said, “No one is as intolerant as the one who insists on imposing his definition of tolerance on everyone else.” I happen to be a person who believes the claims of the Bible and history that Jesus Christ is God, and I am trusting and following Him as my Savior. I don’t expect those who don’t believe or choose to follow Him to live as I do, and it’s not my place to judge them. While there are some on both sides of the issue who rabidly accuse and judge those who disagree with them, it seems most sincere Christians as well as many who don’t claim to be Christians are willing to live peaceably with others. As a believer in Christ and the Bible, I wonder sometimes if those who are so offended by the very existence of people like me aren’t fighting against what they inwardly believe and fear to be true about God more than against anything I am doing that doesn’t even directly affect them. My simply being a believer in something they don’t want to be true feels threatening, and thus they see me as a messenger they want to shoot rather than consider the message I represent.

  4. Nancy Keeton says:

    Good grief! Do only the idiots leave comments for you or are they the only ones you publish? I’m jealous of your talent.

  5. Ann says:

    I love The Cranky Catholic. He’s a progressive Catholic, a real good friend of mine, and a generally awesome dude. Here’s his blog: http://www.thecrankycatholic.com/blog-native/.

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