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Illiterate Smokers, and The “I Saw That” Campaign

It always surprises me when people mess with me while I am driving in my piece of crap car. Do they not know the old adage about never getting into a fist fight with an ugly person, because they have nothing to … Continue reading

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Something So Stinking Cool That You’ll Freak

So listen–My friend Steph is three things: She is super-talented, she is out-of-control kind-hearted, and she is as funny as a kitten with a mirror…. I don’t know how funny that is. She is as funny as a monkey in … Continue reading

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Perfection, Truth, and Finding Your Porpoise

I miss college. I enjoyed my time in college so much, I decided to stay for a fifth year–that, or I had (have) no idea what I wanted to do. I think I realized too late how good I had it. I … Continue reading

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There’s Something About A Mother That Makes The World Better

Since I have become a blogger,  basically have three jobs now. My blogging habit is supported by a day job that I love, and my day job habit is supported by my job working as a server. Part of what I … Continue reading

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An Open Apology To Gay People Everywhere

The people of North Carolina went to the polls yesterday, and they spoke their minds. North Carolina became the 31st state in America to have a gay marriage ban in the language of its state constitution. Even though gay marriage is already … Continue reading

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Public Nudity, Incarceration, & Setting the Prisoner Free

“We should go skinny dipping.” The words cut through the evening heat like a sexy summer breeze. It was the sort of hot where people don’t even go outside until after the sun goes down, but the air was still … Continue reading

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