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Gospel Choir and High-Fiving Strangers

The days of trying to answer the question “Who sings this song?” are over. It used to be that you would hear a song being played at a restaurant, someone would ask that question, and a cool thing would happen: … Continue reading

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Makeup, Baldness, and The Bearded Lady

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a facebook status that said, ” I have decided that makeup is stupid. For a girl to think that she is not pretty unless she has a bunch of crap on … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Golden Calfs

Not too long ago, the wife and I both got smart phones, and they are now firmly implanted as part of our lives. Annoyingly implanted—I love it and I hate it. Every once in a while, I realize just how … Continue reading

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How To Not Be A Jack Ass

My readers may find this hard to believe, but I don’t know everything. Sometimes it takes a while for news like this to sink in, so I will provide you with the natural pause that is a new paragraph…. There … Continue reading

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Money, Debt, and Indentured Service

We are basically a country of indentured servants. We agree to a system where the poor (who are the vast majority) are forced to ask those who have more than enough to loan them money at interest in order to … Continue reading

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