Patron Poems


Little Known Fact: There is a whole thriving ecosystem that used to live within Walt Whitman’s beard. 

This is where those poems are going to go when people start becoming Patrons. If you’re wondering what this is going to be like, here’s what to do:

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Imagine something fantastic.
  3. Double it.

Alright, we’re live! Here’s the first one….

Alyson Newsome

It would be worst
To put myself out there. I’d grieve
If no one thought I would do some-
thing important with my voice.

She was my first.
I new some one would believe
Turns out it would be Newsome
That Alyson is noiiice…

THANK YOU ALYSON! My first Patron…


Susan Rogers St. Laurent

The sounds of tapping drops of rain
Tapping in and out of time
Wet messes on my mossy deck
That make me think my gutter’s spent.

The windy noise on window pane
While the words, they strain to rhyme
My readers wonder, “Who the heck
Is Susan Rogers St. Laurent?”

THANK YOU SUSAN! For being a kindred spirit…


Kim McCallum

If I were to write a story
Of an Irish lass named Kim
I would tell a tale of glory
And I’d use a pseudonym

I would write a song of danger
(Is it Kim, or Kimberly?)
‘Bout the kindness of a stranger
And her generosity.

And though I’ve never seen her
I would swear she’s kind of hottish
But I’d still feel like a wiener
If her name was really Scottish.

THANK YOU KIM! For believing in me…


Jon Middleton

A paper and a little pen
Is all I need to write
To ask of you a riddle, friend,
Upon this dreary night

Have you heard of young Jon Middleton?
And heard of friendship true?
We both have softer middles than
When we were twenty-two

He isn’t noncommittal, and
Good Jon, he follows through
And though each good thing—It’ll end,
Jon values what I do.

THANK YOU JON! For valuing who I am in this world…


Dianne Moorefield

There’s a decadence hidden in the human heart
It’s buried beneath bounty
It eludes our sense of “enough”
It whispers to our wandering minds… More.
More friends…
More food…

But Dianne, may you always hear the voice
You know the one…
The voice that instantly transforms that other voice
Into the voice of a liar.
Because the truth sounds different…
Especially to ears that can hear.
And here’s the truth:

THANK YOU DIANNE! For caring about what I write…



Patty Bell

“Patti LaBelle?” A dip stick asked…
(Even though he heard her right the first time)
People who are kind never need to force a smile
“No, but I DO sing.”
The same music runs through our veins
The same sound of liberty rings out from our hearts.
It is the sound of an Image
The Image of a Creator
A Creator who Created us to Create

It draws us together
And points us toward something more.

THANK YOU PATTY! For valuing my work…


Mona Higgins

If love is love and grace is grace
Then soon we’ll see it face to face

We’ll march together, hand in hand
And reach those dreams, both small and grand

We’ll grab that moral arch so tight
And bend it down, with all our might

‘Til justice rolls, and mouths are fed
And sick are healed, and lovers wed

We’ll take a risk, we’ll make it right
And overcome the dark with light.

THANK YOU MONA! For being the sort of person who inspires the people who inspire you…


Chris Hauser

I have a friend named Chris who cares a lot
It doesn’t take you long to him endear
You’ll find out right away that he has got
A story about every song you hear

The smaller things he doesn’t disregard
He listens ’til your anecdote is done
I don’t know how someone can work so hard
But make you feel like you’re the only one.

A heart that knows forgiveness is a key
Unlocking all the causes of our pains
A soul that longs to see people set free
From all the things that bind them up in chains

Chris Hauser’s kind of a big deal, and yet
He’s still the nicest guy I’ve ever met

THANK YOU CHRIS! For honestly being the nicest guy I know…


Logan Arkema

There once was a rock star named Logan
Who had “I kick ass” as a slogan
Whatever the weather
His shit was together
And he tore high school up like Hulk Hogan

THANK YOU LOGAN! For having your shit together, and caring about the world…

4 Responses to Patron Poems

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  2. Michele P. Cox says:

    You articulate our thoughts so well and put them on “paper”. Thank you for your heart and that mind that speaks the truth, ugly and beautiful, so human.
    I have to thank Jon Middleton for my first glimpse into your world. You are a gem. Thank you.

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  4. Chris Hauser says:

    My credit card as stolen, and it’s taken me a couple months to get around to sorting it out with Patreon. What a sweet thing to come back to! Thank you CB. Yer a mensch.

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