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5 New Ways World Vision Is Following “Biblical Principles”

In a surprise move, World Vision has made yet another change to its hiring practices. As many of you know, World Vision shocked the evangelical community when three days ago they announced they would begin hiring openly gay Christians, while … Continue reading

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A Love Letter To Fred Phelps….

Dear Mr. Phelps, You don’t know me, but I’ve heard of you.  Last year when I went to the Final Four, I heard that some Westboro Baptist folks would be protesting there, and I thought about making a sign that said, “THESE … Continue reading

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We’re Having Car Trouble. Meanwhile, In Syria….

It’s my birthday today. I’m dangerously close to 40, and it’s starting to stress me out a little. Yesterday, the power went out for about five hours, the temp in our house got down into the high 50’s, and we had … Continue reading

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What To Do When It Snows In The South

I grew up in Michigan, but I’ve lived in Tennessee for about fourteen years. As I sit here right now, I’m doing three things: I’m watching bits and pieces of The Oscars, I’m trying to write this blog, and I’m checking … Continue reading

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