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This is me. I usually don’t look this respectable, but my wife is a really good photographer.

Hi. If you are a person who values what I do here…. If I make you laugh, if I make you think, if I give you hope…. If you love the stuff I create, and if you want to support my voice and my blog…. I’ve figured out a way to do that. It’s called Patreon. Here is a short video explaining what Patreon is:

Pretty cool, right?

I consider this blog a ministry. It is the cry of my heart. And right now, there are so many occasions where my heart is crying out, and I WANT to write about something important that is going on in the world, but I just don’t have the time. Your support can change that.

If you value what I am trying to do on this blog, and if the things I write resonate with something inside of you, I’d love it if you’d consider helping support me on MY PATREON PAGE. There are fun things there for you. You should check it out.

Otherwise, if giving a little bit every month is not something you’d like to do, you can LEAVE A TIP ON PAYPAL… Or you can Venmo your financial support to “Chris-Boeskool”

And if becoming a patron is not something you are able to do right now, that is totally cool too. I’m just glad people keep turning up to read my stuff. My blog will always be free, and I’m not going to run ads on it (even though WordPress–in return for using their site–sometimes runs some small ads at the end), but this blog is part of my mission in life. It’s possible that I’m just another delusional GenXer, but I believe my voice is an important one…. If my voice is important to you, if you believe in my mission, and if you value “The Boeskool” in your life, please consider supporting.

But either way, you should check out my Patreon Page…. There’s some funny stuff there.


16 Responses to Support Me

  1. Samarra says:

    Hi Chris! My name is Samarra Scantlebury, I am a Caribbean-American (black) from Brooklyn, NY. At the moment, I am a sophomore at Cornell University. I found your article after finding out that a Union of white students had been created on my campus. I was so confused as to their point of existence until I read your article in the Huffington Post, “When You’re Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression”. Reading your article made sense of so many things going on in this country right now. I would like to thank you for opening up my eyes and sharing your story! It was such a great way to simplify a prevalent problem in our country. Thank you again! Please keep writing!

      • Randie Gottlieb says:

        Hi Chris, I’m a teacher educator and loved your blog on “When You’re Accustomed To Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression.” I’d like to share it with the teachers in my classes with your permission. Would that be OK? Also, do you have a source for the photo of the flesh-colored crayons? Thanks!

  2. Jerry Evans says:

    You need support? How about getting a REAL job, instead of trying to freeload off of everyone else with your pathetic blog site LMFAO

  3. Frank Cuccia says:

    Support u…. fat chance… when Trump beats hrc IT IS ON HILLARYITES. U see u were given plenty of notice that she was a non starter for millions. Instead of finding a candidate most people could support your brain trust decided she was going to be the nominee, Come hell or high water. Irrespective of the fact that she is the MOST DISLIKED BLUE CANDIDATE IN MODERN HISTORY. YOUR BRILLIANT PLAN WAS TO NOMINATE HER AND THEN TELL the liberals, yet again, to STFU, go to the back of the bus and do as we tell you…. just like we have for almost 40 years. Well not understanding that this election was unique, your brain trust assumed that events would unfold like they always do. The DNC would trot out the donor class’s favorite candidate, and that the liberals would make noise, but at the end of the day the liberals would tuck tail and run. BAD EFFING ASSUMPTION, DON’T U THINK. Now more liberals have actually grown a pair and let u know it wouldn’t be hrc. So it can be successfully argued that in the primary a vote for hrc was a wasted vote, and a vote for Trump.

    • theboeskool says:

      My plan was to nominate Bernie, Frank. I have been affected by the 25 years of anti-Hillary propaganda as well… Though it seems not nearly as affected as you.

      The fact remains. One of two people are going to be elected president this year. One’s name is Clinton. The other’s name is Trump. One candidate some people find “unlikable.” The overwhelming number of the people who say this are men. The other candidate is an overtly racist, xenophobic, misogynistic bully who has zero experience, zero knowledge of how foreign and domestic policy actually work, and zero integrity.

      Despite what you’ve heard, Clinton has worked her whole life to help people. She has made compromises along the way, and those compromises are more and more distasteful to a voting public who doesn’t realize how government works.

      We can work to CHANGE the way things work, but voting third party (or not voting) is like giving half a vote to each person, and half a vote for Trump is way to much. Trump getting elected is a giant step AWAY from where we need to go/be as a nation. I’m sorry you don’t think that Hillary is enough of a step toward that goal… Maybe you think (wrongly) that she is a step in the wrong direction, but at the very worst, she is a side step. Or a continuation of the status quo.

      You may be sick of having meatloaf for dinner every night, but that doesn’t mean that if someone offers you a choice between meatloaf and raw chicken, you need to choose the one that dripping with salmonella.

      And as much as that makes sense, your liberal use of CAPS LOCK fills me with pessimism that it will actually hit home, so maybe just: Thanks for reading. 🙂

    • theboeskool says:

      Oh, my bad… I didn’t realize you were commenting on the “Support” page. I thought you were commenting on this post about Clinton’s supposed corruption.

      Please feel free to not support me Frank. I wouldn’t expect you to… However, there are some folks out there who care about what I am doing here… And they value me… And–If it’s all right with you–I’d like to give them a way to do that.

      All the best.

  4. Veni White says:

    Re your looking for quite source re privilege/equality feels like oppression, one place it was said, not sure if original, is on podcast of “Code Switch: Can We Talk About Whiteness” at minute 18:00 or so. This quote totally shifted my perspective/paradigm about so much. (Sorry to post on support page but wanted you to have a possible source of the quote and this seemed easiest way to contact you. I just read your blog for first time today so will explore it a bit more before considering support.)

  5. Butch Barnette says:

    Enjoy your newsletters. Please keep it up. Can’t send $, but in the spirit of todays’ blog ( Not Everything Is Crap..,) I offer this.

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  7. Lopez says:

    you white people need to stop begging for people’s hard earn money. get a real job you fukcing cracker.

  8. janetgrounds says:

    Hmmmm fuk cing crackers sound delicious! With a little cheese? Maybe I’ll purchase some for my next mostly white person get together, along with a delicious red cab and maybe my favorite fried chicken. Hell, I’d steal for my favorite fried chicken if I were poor…but we know how that circle goes. Now, Lopez, I would never purchase cottage cheese. Yuck. For me, not delicious. In fact, you suppose I should write to the cottage people and tell them how bothered I am that cottage cheese still shows up on the shelves on every cottage cheese isle in every grocery in this nation? As if I”M supposed to pay for it? Me, the #1 hater of cottage cheese of all time??? Should I contact the cottage cheese council and say, COTTAGE CHEESE PEOPLE, GO GET A REAL JOB! Naw. that would be a waste of my time because I have a real job. Plus, I’m too busy trying to find some fukcing crackers. (fist raised into the air) Damn you LOPEZ! I want those crackers!!

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