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Aaron’s Last Wish, and My First $500 Tip

I’ve discovered that you can learn a lot about God while watching your kids play soccer. I believe that God loves us like we’re his kids–that we are children of God. And every once in a while, while I’m watching … Continue reading

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Domestic Abuse and Finding Your Voice

I have never been known for my manly voice. Every once in a while, while talking on the phone or on a drive-thru speaker, I am still occasionally referred to as “Ma’am.” As in, “No, Ma’am—We do not have a … Continue reading

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The Suckiest Thing That Ever Sucked

I don’t usually do this, but my wife recently lost her job, and with it her laptop. Turns out is is very hard for me to blog on anything other than a laptop…. So tonight I am posting a blog … Continue reading

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Smear the Queer and the Presidential Debates

Tonight, the first presidential debate will take place, and America will watch as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney duel it out to try to win over the remaining undecided voters out there–All 600 of them. We will watch as Romney … Continue reading

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Finding A Middle Ground On Abortion

Before I begin, I’d like to ask you for 2 things–First Thing: Please forgive me. I just want to start right out by asking for your forgiveness if anything I say here comes across as hurtful or offensive–I promise it … Continue reading

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