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Let Your Poo Smell Like Poo.

I used to like the smell of matches. Now, I can’t smell a match without also smelling the phantom smell of someone’s crap–so that’s ruined. I mean, when you spray lilac scent into a bathroom that you just defiled, you don’t … Continue reading

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I am a piece of crap.

Of this I am sure. As I lie here on the couch streaming Conan The Barbarian on Netflix while drinking leftover Cherry Coke from an earlier trip to Chik-Fil-A, few things have been clearer to me. I dream of greatness, … Continue reading

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I’m a blogger.

I’m now a blogger. Above is a picture of me blogging. A few different people have told me that I should start a blog (probably so they don’t have to deal with my stuff on their facebook feeds), so here … Continue reading

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