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30 Euphemisms For Sex or Using the Bathroom

Sometimes, when I write, I can get into a funk. Hey, that’s a good one! “Getting Into A Funk” You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything for about three weeks…. I’ve tried, but my heart wasn’t in it. … Continue reading

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What Christians Need To Know About Tipping

There are some people who you know are going to be bad tippers just by looking at them. I’ve had a job as a server for a long time now, and sometimes you can just tell. For example…. If you ask … Continue reading

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Puberty, Personal Responsibility, and Getting What We Deserve

“I went through puberty.” This was the big secret a fourth grader in one of my classes felt the need to tell me (I do programing at three inner city schools that uses experiential education to focus on empathy-building, self-control, and alternatives … Continue reading

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