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We Are Better Than Donald Trump

That’s really all I wanted to say. I wanted to remind all of you that we are better than than this. We are better than fear. We are better than hatred. We are better than bigotry. We are better than … Continue reading

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16 Things Refugees Are Like…

You guys–You are aware this stuff is being recorded, right? Seriously. Very few things on the internet ever actually disappear. And someday our kids or our grandkids are going to see the crazy, fear-filled, inaccurate shit you’ve been typing into … Continue reading

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I’ll Take Some Syrian Refugees At My House.

Hi. My name is Chris. I’m a Christian… and I realize that word carries with it a whole lot of baggage–probably more negative than positive, unfortunately.¬†When¬†people ask me if I’m a Christian (it happens every once in a while), I … Continue reading

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Prayers For Paris, and Prayers For Our Hearts

Like many of you, I have had tears in my eyes all night. I have been watching the stories come in about these murders in Paris, and just like everyone else, my heart is breaking. It breaks for the families … Continue reading

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