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The Best Thing About Trayvon Martin’s Murder

I apologize in advance for this. If this post offends you, feel free to chalk up what I am about to say to some sort of therapeutic exercise┬áif it makes you feel better. I’m probably going to swear. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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If You’re Black, “Standing Your Ground” Will Get You 20 Years

This will be short, but I’ve got to write it. I’m white. At least that’s the box I have to check when I’m filling out forms. And you know what’s awesome about being white…. Other than just about everything? Being … Continue reading

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Don’t Read The Comments

That’s what everyone says, at least. If I ever mention something awful someone wrote in the Comments section of an online story, people are always like, “NO! Don’t read the comments!” But I still do. I can’t help it. Something … Continue reading

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