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Why I’ve Decided To Buy A Tiger

So I’ve decided to buy a tiger. I know it seems impractical and more than a little dangerous, but we live in an impractical and dangerous world. It’s not the carefree world that I grew up in—I live in a … Continue reading

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A Light Shines In The Darkness

“All the darkness of the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi Every once in a while, when it seems like you’re surrounded by hate, someone does something unexpectedly loving, and you’re reminded … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The People Keeping Pat Robertson On The Air

To whom it may concern: I consider myself a Christian, but I don’t watch your show. I have seen bits and pieces of your programing on the very rare times I happen to flip through the channels while The 700 … Continue reading

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Picking A Fight With NASCAR

Before I continue my work as a missionary of sanity in this crazy freaking world, I have something I’ve been needing to get off my chest. It doesn’t have social ramifications of Gun Control, or the emotion of The R-Word, … Continue reading

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