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A Self-Centered Pictorial Tour Of New York City

It was my first trip to “The City That Never Sleeps”, and it was every bit as impressive as I had imagined. The skyline, the history…. the references from all those Simon & Garfunkel songs that finally made sense. It … Continue reading

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Talking To Your Kids About Their Front-Bottoms

I can clearly remember humping the banister by the stairs of the house I grew up in. Come to think of it, as a kid I also had an occasional romantic relationship with an area of sunlit carpeting  near our bay window. … Continue reading

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Saving A Murderer’s Life: Who Would Jesus Execute?

Today is the second Boston Marathon since the bombings in 2013. Tomorrow begins the penalty phase of the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Dzhokhar is pronounced “Joe-Car,” but most of the people he knows call him Jahar). Jahar was found guilty of … Continue reading

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10 New Ideas For Laws Now That They’ve Voted The Bible As Tennessee’s Official State Book

If you haven’t already heard, the Tennessee House just voted to make the Bible the official state book of Tennessee. If you hear this and think “that is so freaking asinine,” congratulations–You passed the test! It’s a test that I … Continue reading

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Living Generously, Even When God Isn’t Angry Anymore

Earlier this year, the Church my family and I attend made an official statement of inclusion for the LGBT community. You can read about it in a post I wrote titled “What Happened When My Church Decided To Start Marrying Gay People.” Though … Continue reading

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10 Encouraging Things To Come Out Of This Indiana Garbage

If you’re anything like me, you have probably gotten more than a little discouraged by the news coming out of Indiana over the last few days. I wrote a bit about it HERE, if you feel like reading it. It is understandable … Continue reading

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