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Trayvon Martin and Dutch Ninjas

I was racially profiled in college once. For those of you don’t know, that race is…. Uh, I guess “caucasian?” I belong to the Dutch race. Netherlandic, I suppose? I don’t know–I’m a white guy. And I went to a … Continue reading

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Brewster’s Millions, and Why Politicians Are Like Diapers

I don’t have a funny little story right now, so I’m just going to go ahead and get to the point: Politics in this country right now is killing the spirit of America (if such a thing ever existed). Imagine, for … Continue reading

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Gout, Pop, And Being A Quitter

I’m getting old. I make noises when I put my shoes on these days. Most of these noises are the natural byproduct of bending over while having a belly that is larger in circumference than the circumference of my pants. I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Jerusalem, Cleveland, and Getting Hit With A Plastic Dinosaur

Part of what I do for my day job is I go into schools and teach first graders problem solving skills. After doing a program that demonstrates kids solving a problem, we ask them to help us solve a problem. … Continue reading

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A Bench Press, A Biskit, and Some Broken Hearts

I have rarely thought of myself as being what doctors refer to as “strong.” While I was in Cadets, a friend of mine was working on his Weightlifting Badge. His dad was one of the counselors, so he had just … Continue reading

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