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Dear Third Party Voters: If We End Up With “President Trump,” It’s On You

I have an honest question for you: Do you really think you know more about Hillary’s Clinton’s faults than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? Think about that, for a moment, while I show you something. I’m about to show you two of … Continue reading

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Leslie Jones, and What To Do When Racism Makes You Want to Give Up

Last night I sat in a packed out Church in Nashville with about 500 others–mostly white folks–and we talked about racism. The event was put on by an organization called SURJ, which stands for “Showing Up for Racial Justice” (You can … Continue reading

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Something We Can All Agree On…

The world is a very divided place right now–Just about anyone can see this. In these divided times, I feel like it is important to focus on the things we can all agree on. Here’s one: No one should ever try … Continue reading

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You Can Think We Need Guns To Protect Us From The Government, Or You Can Have Respect For The Troops, But You Can’t Have Both

If you talk with people about changing gun laws, it won’t be very long before someone shows up and explains that one of the main reasons we have the second amendment is to “protect us against the tyranny of our own government.” Believe … Continue reading

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For Those Convinced Of Clinton’s Corruption

Think about this for a moment: Is there any result of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email misuse that wouldn’t have made you even more certain that she was completely corrupt? While she was secretary of state, she used … Continue reading

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That’s Not A Terrorist… That’s A VICTIM Of Terrorism

This is an actual picture. And that’s an actual church. That’s a sign above them that reads “Jesus Saves.” And that thing behind those three hooded men on the right is a piano, and they used that piano to sing … Continue reading

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