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Ten Things You Could Have Done, Officer Fields, Instead of Choke Slam a 15-Year Old–As Written By Someone With Extensive Experience in Children Not Doing What They Are Asked

The following was written by Marie Cushing, a teacher in Memphis, TN’s Achievement School District. She has worked for Teach For America, and she is a gifted writer, educator, and communicator. It is reposted here with her permission…. Ask her to … Continue reading

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We Don’t Know The Whole Story….

By now, many of you have probably already seen the disturbing video of a high school girl in South Carolina being flipped over and dragged out of her desk by a police officer for refusing to comply with his orders. … Continue reading

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Substitutionary Atonement Is Miracle Gro For Atheists 

We want all the accounts to be paid, because the real thing that offends us is grace. We look around at all this mess, and we say “SOMEONE HAS TO PAY FOR THIS!” And to hear otherwise offends us to our very core, but that is what God has been saying all along. He’s been saying “You can trust me. I love you, and I’ve got this. Now LIVE that way.” Continue reading

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Five People or Things I’d Rather Vote For Than Donald Trump

There is still a lot of time before the presidential primaries. And I’ve been thinking that I should do more than just writing about “Why It’s Okay For Christians To Call Donald Trump A Jackass.” I need to give people some other … Continue reading

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Why It’s Okay For Christians To Call Donald Trump A Jackass

I posted a story on Facebook today that had a link to a video of Donald Trump getting called out by a young man for telling a lie in a speech he made. When the young man started to clarify … Continue reading

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We’re A Nation Of Sodomites…. Just Not In The Way You’re Thinking

I didn’t hear about this story until today, so maybe you haven’t heard about it either…. But a county here in Tennessee is considering taking up an official resolution pleading with God to not destroy their county when he finally brings … Continue reading

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Finding Hope In The Midst of Mass Shootings

There is a disgusting little dance we do every time there is another mass shooting in America. Here is what it looks like: News of yet another mass shooting comes out. There are renewed calls for some kind of regulations that … Continue reading

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How To Not Get Murdered By People On Facebook

We’ve all been there before…. Usually for me it goes something like this: Someone on Facebook says something that comes across as mean or hyperbolic or uninformed. You respond by calmly trying to talk some reason into the situation. They … Continue reading

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Too Much Stuff To Write About….

There is a whole lot of stuff happening in the world right now. Another mass shooting, a refugee crisis in Europe, “Church” “leaders” are rallying behind Donald Trump, the Pope is having private meetings with Kim Freaking Davis…. Our pets’ HEADS … Continue reading

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