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An Open Letter To God About Tonight’s Powerball

Dear God, I’m writing this on my phone…. That’s how much this means to me. I’m going to make this quick, because I’m sure you’re dealing with a lot of prayers right now. We both know this is my only … Continue reading

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Let A Man Handle This, Ladies….

My wife loves it when I help people. Every time I have ever stopped to help a stranded motorist she has practically swooned. I suppose it makes me feel good to help out as well…. it’s just that after I … Continue reading

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Mark Sanford–The Pride of South Carolina

So, The Palmetto State just elected Mark Sanford as their their Congressman for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. If that name sounds familiar, it might be because you remember him as the Governor of South Carolina who disappeared for five days, … Continue reading

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Bury The Boston Bomber in My Backyard

If you haven’t heard by now, they are having a very hard time finding a cemetery willing to accept the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston Marathon bomber who was killed in a shootout with police a few days … Continue reading

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A Public Pooping Cautionary Tale

Somewhere in the world, there is an old man with a story…. A story that doesn’t get told to just anyone. It’s a story that maybe only gets told when large amounts of wine have been enjoyed. It’s a story … Continue reading

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