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The Parable of the Big Clock

Once upon a time, there was a clock. It was right in the middle of the town, and it was very big and very tall–Tall enough that everyone in the town could see it. Some people thought the clock was … Continue reading

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FoxNews Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To America

I know what you’re thinking: “What about slavery? What about the Civil War? What about the Great Depression? What about 9/11?” And yes, those things were all horrifically tragic and terrible in their own way. Obviously. Still, Fox”News” might be … Continue reading

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The Government Shutdown Is Not The Republicans’ Fault

Both sides of the political aisle are attempting to paint the picture that the OTHER side is to blame for the government shutdown. The republican-controlled House is blaming the president and democratically controlled Senate for the shutdown because of their … Continue reading

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How ObamaCare is Going to Help Me (And Probably You) Part 2

Okay, OKAY!!! I was going to write this conclusion weeks ago, but some other very important current events came up and cut in line (Twerking—something most of white America thought was “what you call it when you use Twitter at work;” … Continue reading

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