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Protecting Our Freedom To Not Sell Flowers To Gay People

In the past week there has been an “AVALANCHE of intolerance” that has taken place. Now, you might think I’m referring to Indiana’s new law (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act) making it legal for businesses to discriminate against people who are … Continue reading

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Top 10 Things a Pastor Can Do With His New Gulfstream Jet

Being a mega-church pastor is a very demanding job. With all those fundraisers, and book tours, and real estate deals…. Sometimes it seems like it’s almost impossible to find time to get on TV to ask people for money, let us … Continue reading

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I Hate To Tell You This, But Those Aren’t Praying Hands

I’m about to rock your world. Ready? Here it is: That little emoji that people think is praying hands? It’s actually a high five*. Those little lines are not some holy prayer power emanating from the hands–turns out they are a … Continue reading

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Five Things I Learned In Prison

I celebrated my birthday in prison this year. Our Church is part of a ministry called Timothy’s Gift.  They go into prisons to remind the inmates that they are human, that they are not forgotten, and most importantly that they are loved … Continue reading

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