Can We All Just Admit That Trump Is Mentally Unstable?

Seriously. How much more is it going to take? Hillary isn’t a threat anymore… When people are pointing out all of the dangerous and disqualifying things about this demagogue, you can’t fall back on your old, trusty “At least he’s better than Hillary” defense anymore. Hillary is out of the picture. Now? NOW can you start being honest about how truly damaged this man is? He is a champion of white supremacists. He is person with textbook Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He is a compulsive liar. He is unexperienced, unteachable, and unwilling to submit himself to actual expertise. Please take a moment and watch this video–Especially if you are a person who voted for him. There’s no policy, no yelling… Just some really important points that ALL OF US need to consider:

Please–PLEASE take a few minutes and watch this video. I get that this is one of those “The people who need this the most, won’t watch it” things, but please give it a chance.  If you voted for Trump, you probably don’t like Keith Olbermann… Heck, if you voted for Trump, you probably don’t like me either… But I promise he is respectful in this video, and he makes some very important points. With each new tweet, with each new day, with each new national embarrassment, we can all see that there is something very, very wrong with the man that was elected to be the next president of the United States of America. And as Olbermann says in the video, “To pretend that there ISN’T something wrong with him, you have to pretend really hard. And I know you can’t say it, and I know you don’t want to believe it, and I know you won’t believe this either, but I wish it were not true. But we have elected a man who is not. All. There. And that cannot end happily for ANYBODY.”


A man of the people…

This is not an issue that is going to get solved by people (like myself) who have always opposed Trump… We are ALWAYS going to be making noise about the disqualifying things he says and does. The most powerful–the most important–opposition to Trump has got to start coming from people who voted for him. Maybe your decision to support Trump was purely ideological. Maybe you believed that Hillary Clinton was an absolutely horrible candidate–One so bad you you were willing to vote for an actual dumpster fire of a human being… A broken man-child whose behavior would be completely unacceptable in any middle school classroom–let alone the oval office.  Maybe you told yourself that Trump’s antics were just a ploy to get free press during the campaign, but now you are starting to see that he is actually not well. And now it’s becoming clear that he is much worse than a simple national embarrassment–His damaged psyche and fragile ego are putting us all in danger. It’s time to start loving America more than you love being on the winning side.


“Disrespect invites disrespect. Violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose.” ~ The amazing Meryl Streep

I know there are people who are going to defend him no matter what he says or does. There are people who hate Obama and the democrats so much that they will side with a president who sides with a Russian dictator… They will defend a man who clearly mocked a reporter’s disability… They will overlook any number of lies they were told and the promises he has broken… But those people are not reasonable–They were never going to be swayed by a rational argument. We NEED the reasonable republicans to speak up. You know who you are–The ones who couldn’t bring yourself to support a man like this, but you were put in the awkward position of not being able to support Hillary Clinton’s policies either. The ones who see the hypocrisy of the Church rallying behind a dangerous demagogue like Donald. The ones who see the danger of this man’s vast immorality coupled with his fractured, fragile psyche. This is not about partisan politics… This is about kindness. It is about rationality. It is about empathy and honor and common decency… Not just for the president elect, but for YOU. 

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5 Responses to Can We All Just Admit That Trump Is Mentally Unstable?

  1. Marc and Susan S. says:

    Now I know what I’ll say when he does something wild: “Would *you* do that?!”

  2. Jeff Cann says:

    I was looking for an interesting blog to read yesterday, and I stumbled on a post titled “Why I, as a black woman, supported Trump – part 3 of 3”. I didn’t read it. Assuming each post was 1000 words, I was going to have to read a 3000 word essay to get to the bottom of it. But what I found intriguing is that someone needed 3000 words to justify why they voted for their candidate.

    Trump is woefully insecure. He has something to prove – to himself – over and over. I don’t believe he has the temperament to command armies and handle powerful weapons. I don’t believe he has the temperament to interact with peers who control the same resources. This has nothing to do with his policy choices (which are looking unappealing to me). I’m simply worried that he has the skills to wield the tools he is inheriting.

  3. Chris Shaffer says:

    Good post. In this day of tribalism, fake news, and a post-truth America, form has become as important as any particular policy position. The ties that bind our diverse country together have been frayed by our inability or unwillingness to respectfully disagree and sincerely entreat each other to see things differently. This post is an example of the way forward.

  4. Great post. His elevator doesn’t go up to the penthouse of Trump Tower. He is textbook narcissist and he appears to still be running against Hillary. These are scary times.

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