I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

I don’t. Okay yes, I sometimes fantasize about getting close enough to him to tell him to his face that I believe he could very well be America’s single worst citizen. And sure, I would pay just about all the money I have in the world to watch him get the living shit kicked out of him by a female MMA fighter. And if I’m being honest, he is probably my least favorite person on the planet. And I admit he makes me question whether or not I really love God… Because I think Dorothy Day was telling the truth when she said, “I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least,” and if that’s true, then I really don’t love God very much. But I don’t HATE him. I mean, sometimes I THINK I do… It often FEELS like I do… But it is not Donald Trump that I hate.

I hate the indifference and apathy of the people who don’t care enough to vote.

I hate the gerrymandering and corruption which fuels that indifference and apathy, and makes people feel a deep sense of “What’s the fucking point?”

I hate the ignorance of the people who don’t know how to figure out the truth from a lie.

I hate the intentional ineffectiveness of our educational system which continues to ensure an UNinformed electorate.

I hate the conflation and confusion of the word “Christian” with the word “Republican” that blinds people to the clear dehumanizing evil of the words of this president.

I hate mental illness. I hate Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I hate the onset of dementia.

I hate the racism and white supremacy that made so many white people believe that a good and moral man like Barack Obama was trying to take everything from them…

And I hate the misogyny and patriarchy that would rather elect a clearly broken man than elect a competent, compassionate, coherent woman.

I hate the blind ambition that values power and wealth over character and integrity.

I hate the cowardice of the republicans elected into office, who refuse to stand up and call this man’s continued attack on women and common decency UNACCEPTABLE AND SHAMEFUL AND AN EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR NATION.


Turns out I also hate that smile.

National embarrassments like this…

He doesn’t care one bit… I mean, this is the kind of shit he pulls WHILE CAMERAS ARE ON HIM! WHILE TALKING ON THE PHONE TO THE PRIME MINISTER OF IRELAND!!!

But I would expect nothing less from the sort of person who would drive a golf cart on a green. Anyone who has ever golfed before knows that you NEVER do this. It is the pinnacle of inconsiderateness to the other golfers who follow you one the course. But this is the way that Donald Trump treats the world. People… Creation… Everything… He feels like the world is his swimming pool, and he can take a shit in it if he wants to…

And then there’s this absolute embarrassment…

But it’s not Donald Trump I hate… I hate all the things which make Donald Trump possible. If he weren’t able to do so much damage, the biggest feeling I would have toward him would certainly be pity. I think he’s horribly alone and unhappy, but I think he’s too broken to realize it… A man whose ego is so fragile he has to be surrounded by fake magazine covers. It’s sad… It’s clear that his wife feels no affection for him at all. If he was in a room by himself, unable to do harm to the people in his path, I would feel so sorry for him. Like a pathetic pedophile whose mind–as a child–had been broken and deranged by years and years of physical and sexual abuse… As long as he is kept away from kids, he is a tragic figure. And even worthy of compassion. But despite the “reasons” for the pedophile’s brokenness, and despite our feelings of compassion at the story of abuse that came before, the fact remains: WE MUST KEEP THIS PERSON AWAY FROM BEING ABLE TO DO ANY MORE HARM. It is not out of hatred for the person doing the harm that we remove him from a position of power… It is not out of lack of understanding about the mental disorder and brokenness he embodies… It is out of compassion for the ones he continues to hurt.


Donald Trump, briefly after hurting his hand while attempting to Karate Chop Mike Pence’s rock hard abs.

We can feel compassion for an abused and beaten dog, but if it keeps growling at and making aggressive moves toward your kids, you don’t bring it into your house.

On my last post, I was accused of being hateful toward Donald Trump. And hateful toward God. I don’t hate Donald, and I don’t hate God… I hate the bad theology which creates the sort of monstrous god that looks and acts like the monstrous man-child who has been elected to lead this country.

After his tweet about “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the hosts penned an article for the Washington Post titled, “Donald Trump Is Not Well.” In it, the refuted Donald’s objectively and verifiably dishonest claims that he made against them, but they said…

“More significant is Mr. Trump’s continued mistreatment of women. It is disturbing that the president of the United States keeps up his unrelenting assault on women. From his menstruation musings about Megyn Kelly, to his fat-shaming treatment of a former Miss Universe, to his braggadocio claims about grabbing women’s genitalia, the 45th president is setting the poorest of standards for our children.”

And they concluded that that his mental health is not well…

“We, too, have noticed a change in his behavior over the past few years. Perhaps that is why we were neither shocked nor insulted by the president’s personal attack. The Donald Trump we knew before the campaign was a flawed character but one who still seemed capable of keeping his worst instincts in check.”

Keith Olbermann has been ringing that same alarm bell about the president’s mental health for quite a while now. A month ago (even before ant of this recent stuff happened) he made another very strong case for Donald’s diminishing mental health. You can watch his video here:

But these thoughts are nothing new. Many people have written and commented publicly about the concerns they have with Donald’s mental health. You can CLICK HERE to hear the former Prime Minister of Australia commenting on the world’s concerns about it…

And please–Do not take this in any way as an attack on people with mental health challenges. I am not demonizing people who struggle with dementia or Narcissistic Personality Disorder or Paranoid Delusions… I’m just saying that they shouldn’t be president. We do not let kids play with loaded guns. This is not a demonization of childhood. It’s not because I hate children… It’s wisdom. And we do not let grown men with the temperament of a child, with paranoid delusions, with lack of self control, with clear mental health problems play with a loaded military. This is not a demonization of people with mental health problems. It’s not because I hate people with dementia… It’s wisdom.

Last month, a Quinnipiac Poll asked participants the following question: “What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?” Forty-six different words were given five times or more… Here is that list of words, followed by the number of times each response was given:

idiot 39
incompetent 31
liar 30
leader 25
unqualified 25
president 22
strong 21
businessman 18
ignorant 16
egotistical 15
asshole 13
stupid 13
arrogant 12
trying 12
bully 11
business 11
narcissist 11
successful 11
disgusting 10
great 10
clown 9
dishonest 9
racist 9
American 8
bigot 8
good 8
money 8
smart 8
buffoon 7
con-man 7
crazy 7
different 7
disaster 7
rich 7
despicable 6
dictator 6
aggressive 5
blowhard 5
decisive 5
embarrassment 5
evil 5
greedy 5
inexperienced 5
mental 5
negotiator 5
patriotism 5


Here’s our president, pleased with the news that “Asshole” didn’t make it into the top 10.

You should really spend some time looking at that list. It is fascinating. And horrifying. And depressing… But this STILL IS NOT NORMAL. This man is the worst of us. He needs to go before he does some damage that can’t be undone. So in honor of this list, and in honor of this country that I think is worth saving, I’m going to make a paragraph using all 46 words in order… And I want you to think if this is the kind of person we want running this nation.

“We have elected an idiot. We have chosen an incompetent liar as our leader. He would have you believe that he is a strong businessman, but the truth is he is an ignorant, egotistical asshole… A stupid, arrogant man trying to bully everyone he comes across. His business is being a narcissist, and he has a history of being successful at disgusting women he meets–He’s great at it. Seriously, though, he’s a clown… A dishonest racist who makes me ashamed to be an American. He is nothing more than a bigot who is good at taking money from people who aren’t smart. How could we have elected this buffoon… This con-man who is clearly crazy? Every day, it another different disaster from this rich, despicable dictator wannabe. And every day this aggressive blowhard takes decisive steps toward being an even bigger national embarrassment than the evil, greedy people who elected an inexperienced man with clear mental problems because the thought he was a good “negotiator.” Anyone with an ounce of patriotism will denounce this dip shit.”

Alright. Maybe I do hate him…

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5 Responses to I Don’t Hate Donald Trump

  1. KT says:

    Agree completely. As one of your Patron subscribers, I thank and appreciate you for articulating this message so well. Knowing that you and many others clearly see this craziness for what it is helps my heart and keeps me from complete despair about the future of our country.

  2. joesantus says:

    “I hate the bad theology which creates the sort of monstrous god that looks and acts like the monstrous man-child who has been elected to lead this country.”

    But, did that bad theology create itself? Wasn’t it created by humans? And, wasn’t it humans who elected Trump?
    So, shouldn’t you ask yourself, “Then how do I feel about those who created that ‘bad’ theology and about those who elected Trump — since they’re responsible, do I hate them? And if I do hate them, is my hatred justifiable, or, is it that I’m failing to consistently to apply the same ‘feel-pity-for-the-victimized-rabid-dog-although-I-don’t-want-it-on-my -property-threatening-me’ toward their ‘sickness’ as I claim I’m doing toward Trump ?”

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  4. skyride says:

    D: D:
    “I hate mental illness. I hate Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I hate the onset of dementia.”
    Wow… It hurts my heart a lot to read that. I don’t think I can really cope with one more sane person explaining what they ‘really mean’ when they say things like, “I hate mental illness,” so all I want to do is encourage you to search out resources and writings that will help explain why it is so hurtful to those of us who identify as Mad, mentally ill, crazy, demented, etc. when folks say they hate something which is so key to our identity. It is possible to hold people like Donald Trump accountable without pathologizing him and without resorting to sanist bashing. Sanism is just as harmful as other -isms, and disproportionately affects (you guessed it) queers, W/POC, indigenous people, and crips, to name a few. When people Dx and bash Trump for a ‘mental disorder’ which they’re not remotely qualified to talk about in the first place, the people truly being hurt by such actions are Mad people. It’s the same as when people mock Chris Christie or Trump for being fat– the people this really hurts are everyday fat people, NOT powerful white settlers in DC.

    Feel free the check out my blog or these other resources that might prove a place to start in understanding/unlearning sanism:
    – Older but good intro to the term sanism: http://www.ivacheung.com/2015/05/sanism-and-the-language-of-mental-illness/

    All in all, I quite like your blog and get a lot out of it, but I hope you’ll try to be more mindful of the harm it causes Mad people to read things like “I hate mental illness.”

    Peace and love,

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