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How ObamaCare is Going to Help Me (And Probably You) Part 2

Okay, OKAY!!! I was going to write this conclusion weeks ago, but some other very important current events came up and cut in line (Twerking—something most of white America thought was “what you call it when you use Twitter at work;” … Continue reading

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How ObamaCare Is Going To Help Me (And Probably You)–Part 1

Firstly, can I just start out by saying this–I hate the term “ObamaCare.” It makes me angry. I realize that the president has kind of embraced the term, but that word just carries with it so much partisan emotion…. I … Continue reading

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Smear the Queer and the Presidential Debates

Tonight, the first presidential debate will take place, and America will watch as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney duel it out to try to win over the remaining undecided voters out there–All 600 of them. We will watch as Romney … Continue reading

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Rejecting Jesus For All The Right Reasons

Imagine, for a minute, that you knew absolutely nothing about Jesus…. That you lived somewhere far away from America, with its hundreds of thousands of churches–Both the omnipresent, small congregations that pepper each block or two of every U.S. town, and … Continue reading

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