Trump’s Picks: Look At All These White Dudes…

Here is a picture of the U.S. Line of Succession… The people next in line for the presidency if anything should happen to Trump. It looks like it’s going to be a White Christmas, y’all.


On the bright side, at least it looks like there is one black guy in there… But I’m betting the Secretary of Agriculture is going to end up being yet another white guy. #SpoilerAlert

Trump is intentionally filling his Cabinet with administrative leaders who are wanting to destroy Government (like making Rick Perry Energy Secretary after he said he wants to eliminate the Department of Energy) and billionaires who stand to make even more money from their dealings (like Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobile CEO who is now fifth in line from the presidency). This is what “making America great again” looks like: Rich white men with all the power and making all the decisions. In comparison, here is a picture of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Cabinet:


You might not be able to tell from this picture, but here are a few facts about these folks:

  • Half of the members of this cabinet are women.
  • The Minister of Science actually has her Ph.D.
  • The Minister of Health is a doctor.
  • The Minister of Agriculture used to be a farmer.
  • The Minister of Veteran’s Affairs is in a wheelchair after being shot in a drive-by shooting.
  • The Minister of National Defense is a Veteran. And one of three Sikhs picked.
  • The Minister of Transport is a freaking astronaut.
  • The Minister of Democratic Institutions is a Muslim refugee.
  • In a country far less diverse than ours, the diversity of Canada’s cabinet picks put our President Elect’s picks to shame.

Another thing–You might not have read it, but if you want a better picture of how royally screwed up Trump’s cabinet picks have been so far, please read WHAT I WROTE YESTERDAY. It’s more than just an article trying to convince people to draw Hitler mustaches on Trump’s face… But yes. It’s that too.

And lastly, here is a picture from It’s awesome. It’s somehow funny and terribly sad at the same time… Kind of like 2016.


You’re not the only one, Captain…

We’ve got to fight. We’ve got to stay focused. We’ve got to do more than hashtag activism. We’ve got to RESIST the feeling of powerlessness that the ones with all the power are wanting us to feel. Please call your representatives. Call your electoral college delegates (here are a list of their names). Call your senators. Fight. Focus. Resist. 

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4 Responses to Trump’s Picks: Look At All These White Dudes…

  1. Dale Peacock says:

    Hey Chris…Yes, I am pretty proud of the diversity of our Prime Minister’s cabinet picks.
    It’s been over a year now and our so-called ‘sunny ways’ PM is out of the honeymoon phase and facing some tough issues and questions on his handling of them and having his feet held to the fire – and rightly so – on his campaign promises.
    But basically, he and his cabinet are continuing to govern with a vision and with an agenda for Canada that is positive, ambitious, and hopeful. I so wish that I could see any of that in your country.
    On a positive note, there are voices like yours out there and surely with them all being lifted up together you can collectively make a difference. It could not be worse than 2016…could it? :o)
    Stay strong and carry on…..Dale

  2. gsblinn says:

    Tommy Chong for Sec Ag

  3. This is a great motivational piece! Thank you for your writing. I haven’t talked about Trump’s cabinet picks on my blog, because I have so much to say and so many different things to be disheartened about. First, I think it’s interested that Trump’s picks are all uniquely unqualified- like him. I doubt that they will have the ability to understand the scope of the position and the responsibilities before them. This failure due to lack of knowledge will ultimately impede their ability to advise him- and its obvious he is in dire need of advisement (he’s provoked China twice already). My other issue is that most of his cabinet picks have a history of racism and bigotry. So I fear that their powerful positions and the influence they will have upon domestic policy will be a danger to people of color, women and/or the LGBT community.

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