No. He’s Not Going To Repeal The 14th Amendment.

He can’t. But what he CAN do is he can distract us from the other festering awfulness he is working on. This is what he does. He says outrageous things which gets people to forget about the other outrageous things he says and does. It’s like when a person with cancer hits his thumb with a hammer… For a short time afterward, all he can focus on is his throbbing thumb, and how pissed he is that it just happened. Trump’s tweets are like a hammer on the thumb of America, to distract us from the Cancer of Racism and White Supremacy… of which he is a malignant tumor. In America’s anus.

Notice no one is talking today about how his LIES about the caravan seeking asylum directly led to a neo-nazi murdering 11 Jewish people in a synagogue? Notice no one is talking about how his hateful and divisive rhetoric is leading to a flurry of acts of terrorism committed by his racist, white nationalist base? And no one is talking about how Mike Pence brought a “Christian Rabbi” to a memorial service/political rally (supposedly honoring the victims of the attack in Pittsburgh) who prayed to Jesus for republican wins in the midterm election (observe the craziness below).


This is what happens when you encourage violence at your “rallies.” This is what happens when you demonize immigrants. This is what happens when you call the press “the enemy of the people.” This is Trump’s base. And it’s America’s shame…

In one week, we just had a Trump supporter send pipe bombs to a bunch of different people who criticized the president… We had another Trump supporter open fire in at a Kroger in Kentucky an murder two people of color (after telling a man “Whites don’t kill whites”)… And then we had a nazi (angry about the lie that Jews were behind the immigrant caravan seeking asylum — a lie Trump passed along) open fire in a houe of worship and murder 11 people… People murdered by nazis in America. In 2018. And as a response to all this, what does he do? He sends military troops to the border to prepare for people fleeing violence in Central America A FULL TWO MONTHS BEFORE THEY WOULD EVER REACH THE BORDER. This is all about fear. It’s about demonizing brown people.

And it leads to disgusting garbage like this unbelievably hateful and racist ad from one of the worst people on the planet… Marsha Blackburn.

Keep your eyes on the ball. Trump is being given these talking points to accomplish two things: Firstly, it throws a racist bone to his base. They have been pissed off about the 14th Amendment since it was ratified. Birthright citizenship has long been a burr in the saddle of people who dream of America as a white ethno-state. Please read this entire Twitter thread:

And secondly, it enrages and distracts us from this GOP administration’s constant barrage of attacks on morality and social norms. Right when people’s eyes are starting to clear, and sanity is starting to creep into the minds of the people who are supporting him, as they see a grieving community and think, “Maybe our words matter. Maybe all his hateful rhetoric has real-world consequences. Maybe all the lies he passes along AREN’T harmless.” And as people are reminded of morality by seeing inspiring acts of humanity and goodness (like the Muslim community who raised over $150,000 for their Jewish neighbors)… WHAM!!! America’s Ass Cancer slams his hammer down on our thumb. And we’re in an uproar.

America is a nation of immigrants. It is a nation of people fleeing persecution. If you are an American, you are either the descendent of Native Americans, immigrants, refugees, or slaves. Clear your eyes, America. See this hatred and bigotry for what it is. Don’t let this small man whip your fears into a distracted frenzy. Watch a Captain America movie, and realize that no decent person roots for Hydra. Be loving and strong and true, and for the sake of all that is loving and strong and true, VOTE TO REMOVE THIS CANCER FROM OFFICE… And until that is possible, vote to limit his ability to do more damage by taking back the House and the Senate. There is one week until November 6th. VOTE! We can do this…


White people… The original “Anchor Babies.”


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