Share This With A Trump-Supporting “Christian”

I know it can be easy to forget all of the thousands of things which — on a daily basis — prove that Donald Trump is an objectively awful, morally bankrupt human being. It’s too overwhelming to keep track of… As soon as you hear about one horrible thing he’s said or done, he does something else that is even MORE monstrous or moronic, and then you end up forgetting the insidious thing he did four hours earlier. And when we live with this depraved pattern, it’s difficult to get people to coalesce behind a response to the evil we are seeing. For people to come together and demand change, it takes an act of awfulness on a truly epic scale (like separating children from their families and locking kids in cages) to bring us together in one voice of resistance… And even then, we soon get distracted by another bit of awfulness. People are overloaded with outrage and disgust, as outrageous and disgusting behavior from the president becomes the new “normal.”


“When you’re famous, they let you do it.”

And the truly bewildering, infuriating, and heartbreaking thing — for me, at least — is this: Somewhere around 80% of white, evangelical “christians” support him. 80% of white evangelicals don’t know enough about Jesus to know that Donald Trump is the polar opposite of Jesus in every possible way. I’m not calling him the “antichrist,” but he is CERTAINLY anti-Christ. I mean, I understand why all the white supremacists love him… But Jesus-followers?!? I guess it shows how closely related white supremacy is with white evangelical christianity. And if he wins another term, it will be white evangelical — people calling themselves “christians” — who give it to him.

Something has to be done. These people have to be shown and reminded on a regular basis that Donald Trump is as ANTI-CHRIST as any leader has ever been… And they’re not going to get that information from watching Fox”News.” So at the risk of this post being just another bit of noise against Trump’s symphony of awfulness, I’m asking that you read through these, remember what it was like when every day wasn’t another startling act of depravity, and then share this post with one of those “christians” in your life. Share it as a comment when they post something about supporting this horrible, broken man… Share it with your parents, share it with your crazy uncle, share it with the crazy lady on your Facebook forum. Share it… And remind people that this stuff is NOT normal.

To jog your memory, here is a totally NON-exhaustive list of some of the truly despicable things that have been done by the man who is still supported by an overwhelming number of white evangelicals:

  • 23 WOMEN (so far) Have Accused Him of Sexual Assault and Misconduct. In the era of #MeToo, Trump has somehow escaped accountability for his actions… Probably because there is so much other awfulness to try and keep track of. Among the accusers are his ex wife Ivana (Eric, Ivanka, & Don, Jr’s mom), a woman whose allegation he dismissed because she was TOO UGLY TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT, as well as a one of the teenagers whom he BRAGGED TO HOWARD STERN ABOUT how he used to intentionally barge in on in their dressing rooms during the Miss Teen USA pageant. But none of this is surprising for a person who was caught on tape…
  • BRAGGING ON A BUS ABOUTTrying to fuck” a married woman,  forcibly kissing women against their will, and saying that he can “Grab ’em by the pussy.Two crazy things about that: There are people out there who are probably offended that I just wrote those words, but they are NOT bothered by the fact that the man they voted for actually SAID THEM. Also, Billy Bush was forced to resign for laughing at the things Trump said, but there was no accountability for Trump. It’s all on tape right here…

    And here’s what TRULY unbelievable: My 13 year old son came in here while I was writing this, and I felt like I had to shield the computer screen from him. He knows every word to Hamilton and Rent, but I had to protect his eyes from seeing the sort of filth that is said by the President of the United States.
  • HE LIES ABOUT 30 TIMES A DAY. Literally. Of course, these are only counting the lies he makes publicly… I’m sure it’s significantly more than that. This is DOUBLE his average from 2018… which was TRIPLE his average from 2017. He is a serial liar, and the christians who support him don’t care. One of his biggest lies was his claim that he was…
  • DRAINING THE SWAMP. It’s a phrase that means to root out corruption and fixing the governmental problems caused by putting political cronies in positions of power. White evangelicals would rapturously cheer “DRAIN THE SWAMP” at his political rallies… Here is what “draining the swamp” has looked like in the Trump administration:

  • HE MOCKED A DISABLED REPORTER. Stop. Seriously don’t even act like he didn’t. He totally did. It’s embarrassing to both of us when you don’t admit it… And what’s even MORE embarrassing is that you don’t admit that this is as totally opposite to Jesus as something gets.

  • HE DEFENDED WHITE SUPREMACISTS. This really shouldn’t come as a big surprise, since he is a white supremacist himself… But his “very fine people on both sides” remark about the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville was one of the low points in the history of the ANY presidency. And a low point for America.
  • AFTER 9/11, HE BOASTED THAT HIS BUILDING WAS “NOW THE TALLEST.” When terrorist attacks brought down the twin towers, he bragged about how his building is now the tallest one downtown. Seriously — What kind of depraved human being does something like this? One white “christians” overwhelmingly support… That’s what kind.

  • HIS TREATMENT OF IMMIGRANTS. Front to back, the Bible calls us to treat immigrants and aliens like they are one of “us.” His continued demonization of immigrants & migrants from Mexico and Central America is as Anti-Christ as anything that could come from an actual Antichrist.
  • HIS POTTY MOUTH. As I sit here writing this, the president has just referred to the Mueller Report as “total bullshit.”  He also retweeted a person who referred to the probe as a “circle jerk.” When he heard that Special Counsel was appointed, he said, “I am fucked.” Are white evangelicals okay with this? Are you still using the “baby Christian” defense? This is not even counting this ridiculous hypocrisy…

And listen, I’m obviously just scratching the surface here. There are giant lists of Trump’s disgustingness. This country has elected one of the most disgustingly immoral human beings on the PLANET as its leader… A man who cheated on his 3rd wife — shortly after she gave birth to his son — with multiple women, and then paid them off to keep them silent… A man who offered to pay the legal fees of people at his rallies who assaulted protestors… A man who encouraged members of his team to obstruct justice… A man who refers to black countries as shitholes… A man who can’t even muster a moment of class or kindness after a political rival has died… A man who ordered kids to be put in cages and separated from their families for the “crime” of their parents seeking asylum… A man who alludes to having the people involved in the Mueller investigation put to death


Opposite of Jesus in every possible way…

Listen carefully, because these are the truest words I can tell you: If you are a person who calls yourself a Christian while still supporting this objectively immoral and evil man, you don’t know the first thing about what it means to follow Jesus. You act like Jesus is important to you, but when the republican party picks a person who is opposite of Jesus in every discernible way, you follow him like the lost sheep you are. Your religion isn’t Christianity… It’s White Nationalism. It’s time for you to choose between Trump and Jesus.


ALRIGHT! If you are a trump supporter, and you made it this far, chances are not very good that you are thinking, “I wonder how can I support this guy’s writing?” But just in case you are (or in case you, like me, can clearly see that evangelical support of Trump is about the height of hypocrisy), here’s how you can help — If you’d like to become a Patron on PATREON and give a few bucks a month, you can DO THAT HERE. If you’d like to leave a tip on PayPal and buy my wife a cup of coffee, HERE’S THE SPOT. Otherwise, please follow me on FACEBOOK or on TWITTER. Much love…

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5 Responses to Share This With A Trump-Supporting “Christian”

  1. Veronica says:

    I admire you, Chris, for trying to get through to these people. Unfortunately it falls on deaf ears. As my father-in-law has said many times during many heated discussions, “I know Trump is not a perfect person. None of us are.” As if he’s just slightly flawed. *sigh* No one is as blind as he who refuses to see.

  2. Artchic says:

    What a sad article. If you have a Bible, find the book of Daniel and read it. God chooses all kinds of people to accomplish His purposes. Yes, even Donald Trump.

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