This Was A Pool In Lake Of The Ozarks This Weekend… We Are So Screwed.

I’m not usually one to believe conspiracy theories, but I’m starting to think white people are trying to make me lose all hope. This was the scene this Memorial Day weekend at a place in Missouri called “Backwater Jack’s.”

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 1.34.32 AM

I learned yesterday that a group of Karens found in the wild is called Complaint, but I believe one this size is called a “White Claw.”

Initially, I saw this video posted on Twitter, and I didn’t want to believe this was real…

I’m not familiar with any of the places in Lake of the Ozarks, so I did a little research, and it led me to the website of Backwater Jacks. I cross referenced the videos with Instagram pictures from the last 24 hours, and then saw a bunch of other videos and photos taken from today. Backwater Jack’s has a blog post advertising their Memorial Day Party, and on that blog (dated May 19th) is the only place on the website that mentions anything about social distancing… But it’s seems like it’s mentioned more as a teaser than anything  else. Here is the quote from their blog post: “Due to current social distancing guidelines, capacity will be limited to first-come, first-served. (That means, get here early for a great spot!) Added precautions have been taken to ensure everyone’s health and safety.”

Granted, most of the responses to the blizzard of ignorance and drunken carelessness has negative. Some people are making fun, some people are angry, and some are just plain exhausted by the daily barrage of stupidity. Responses like this one…

But there were also plenty of responses like this:

And this:

If I was a doctor in Missouri and I saw videos like this, I’d consider washing my hands and just going home. For good. People talk about how they’re “not going to live in fear.” Nobody is ASKING you to live in fear… We’re asking you to live with just a basic amount of consideration of others. People were writing things like “I don’t see any old people in that pool… They’re going to be just fine.” As if no younger people have died from this virus and the disease it causes. As if no healthcare workers have died or gotten horribly sick from this. As if these morons aren’t going to take this virus and pass it on to their parent of grandparent and end up killing someone. And I just can’t anymore…

There ARE a couple rules they have over at Backwater Jacks, though. 1) No kids in the Bar Pool, and 2) No glass bottles. Apparently, having kids in water with drunk people is frowned upon… But I think this is just people “living in fear.” And do you know WHY they don’t allow glass bottles around the pool? Because someone might get hurt. Someone might cut their foot. And bleed a little bit (I almost broke my laptop I just typed those words so hard). I just want to call them every name. I want to wake up the neighbors with the sounds of my cursing.

If one of those morons shit in the pool, they would shut it down. They would close down the pool, and clean it out. For a piece of poop. It’s not going to kill you… It not going to possibly kill someone you come in contact with… But you can SEE it. You can SEE poop. You can’t SEE this virus. And these idiots would RUN from the poop in the pool. Even though it’s not going to hurt anyone. There would be no talk about how they’re “not going to live in fear” when they saw the poop. I mean, if someone died in the pool yesterday, they would shut down the pool. For the rest of the day. Someone DIED, right? HAVE SOME RESPECT! But if five or ten people die three weeks from now, WHO CARES!?!

And yeah, some of you are probably thinking, “Why did he have to make it about white people earlier?” And the reason is simple… Because it IS about white people. This virus and the disease it causes is disproportionately killing black people and the elderly. If there were a highly contagious virus going around that was disproportionately killing young white folks, you would NOT see a packed pool full of drunken, gyrating white people in Missouri. You would see these folks talking about “taking this seriously.” And “thinking of others.” Meanwhile, the president (who doesn’t know what “per capita” means) is encouraging churches to reopen, even if their governor says not to… And again, I say… WE ARE SO SCREWED. I hope y’all liked this economic crash and a couple months of quarantine, because we’re going to have to do it all over again in the fall.

There are enough idiots in the world to ruin things for the rest of us. There are enough businesses that care nothing about public health, and only care about making that money. It’s clear that “Backwater Jack’s” is one of those businesses. If one of those indestructible white youth in that water warmed by the Missouri sun (and 5% to 10% urine) cut their foot on a glass bottle that Backwater Jack’s provided, some young Karen would file a negligence lawsuit before the Kid Rock song was finished. I truly hope — when someone loses a family member and traces it back to someone who caught the virus at that pool — that they sue them for everything they have.

Ugh. I’m so angry. The world is watching us. Remember when “christians” started acting so awful that you stopped wanting to associate yourself with that word anymore? That’s how I’m feeling more and more about the word “American.” When I feel like this, it makes me feel better to DO something about it. So other than just writing this at 3AM, I’m going to be making some calls tomorrow. If you’re like me, and this makes you angry as well, I have a couple phone numbers for you…

The number for Backwater Jack’s is 573-348-6639 (though something tells me I doubt they’ll care). You can also blow up their Facebook and their Twitter (though their Twitter account is currently suspended).

You can also call the office of the Osage Beach Mayor, John Olivarri. The number for the Mayor’s office is 573-302-2000. Let them know you were thinking about a vacation to Lake of the Ozarks, but after you’ve seen how irresponsibly the businesses are acting in the time of a worldwide pandemic, you’ll be taking you vacation money somewhere else. Like Kentucky (try to say that part without laughing).

While you’re at it, give the Governor’s office a ring as well. The governor’s office number is 573-751-3222. Let him know you will NOT be heading to Missouri anytime soon, and that the money your were planning on spending in his state, you are instead going to donate to his democratic opponent in the next election. You can also call Missouri senators Roy Blunt (202-224-5721, and his Twitter is HERE), and Josh Hawley (202-224-6154, and his Twitter HERE). While you’re at it, call Osage Beach’s State Rep Rocky Miller at 573-751-3604. You’re never going to believe this, but every one of these people is a republican who is also a white man…

There is so much crazy going around right now — Those of us who recognize it have to start making way more noise. I’ve got to go to bed now. I’ve got to get up early and apologize to my neighbors for screaming that word…


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12 Responses to This Was A Pool In Lake Of The Ozarks This Weekend… We Are So Screwed.

  1. Joanne Bicknese says:

    Chris, in ur article I said the pix were from Memorial Day, but that is tomorrow. So how can that be?

    • theboeskool says:

      I changed it. In my vernacular, “Memorial Day” doesn’t necessarily mean just the Monday, but the whole holiday weekend. But it was imprecise… I apologize.

  2. Veronica B. says:

    I imagine he meant Memorial Day Weekend.

  3. Holly L. Lawton says:

    Thank you, once again, for expressing my thoughts. At 65 years old I have ventured into a store only three times since March 13. Employees and customers at two of the three establishments were all masked and distancing. I still came home feeling concerned about my health. A close family member is practicing questionable social distancing behavior, and I am heartbroken about that. Your article reinforces/validates my need to stay home and protect myself; it is helpful to know I am not the only one horrified by others’ irresponsible behaviors.

    • theboeskool says:

      There are many people who care, Holly. I’m sorry… What a strange time.

    • Amy C. says:

      Just so you know, Holly, I’m only 30 and I’m in the exact same boat. Because my parents are 65 and my grandma is 91 and I understand how serious this is and am unwilling to take chances with the people I love (or the people anyone else loves). Stay strong and stay well.

  4. jacqueslebec says:

    I would guess around 1% pissed in the pool.

  5. Sarah Keel says:

    The shit in the pool comparison is so spot on!!! Nice work. My disappointment and distain for my own race continues.

  6. Mark says:

    What is all this crap about race. No one told any of you to go there. Mind your own business.

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