We Are Called To Love Even Morally Bankrupt Asshats Like George Zimmerman


It really doesn’t surprise me that there are people out there who are willing to spend huge amounts of money on an icon of violence against black people… All of that plantation money from a few generations ago doesn’t just disappear.

I just heard that George Zimmerman is auctioning off the gun used to kill Trayvon Martin. My body can’t figure out whether to start breaking things or break down crying. The person who took the life of Trayvon Martin (along with his defense team) has successfully lobbied to get his gun returned to him from the Justice Department, and he is putting it up for auction on an internet site called gunbroker.com. If you’re anything like me, you probably heard this and thought, “This can’t possibly be for real.” I also thought this was some kind of sick joke… It’s not. By the time you read this, the auction will have started. You can view it HERE. Here is what he has written in the description… Prepare yourself…

Prospective bidders, I am honored and humbled to announce the sale of an American Firearm Icon. The firearm for sale is the firearm that was used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012. The gun is a Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm. It has recently been returned to me by the Department of Justice. The pistol currently has the case number written on it in silver permanent marker. Many have expressed interest in owning and displaying the firearm including The Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. This is a piece of American History. It has been featured in several publications and in current University text books. Offers to purchase the Firearm have been received; however, the offers were to use the gun in a fashion I did not feel comfortable with. The firearm is fully functional as the attempts by the Department of Justice on behalf of B. Hussein Obama to render the firearm inoperable were thwarted by my phenomenal Defense Attorney. I recognize the purchaser’s ownership and right to do with the firearm as they wish. The purchaser is guaranteed validity and authenticity of the firearm. On this day, 5/11/2016 exactly one year after the shooting attempt to end my life by BLM sympathizer Matthew Apperson I am proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be used to: fight BLM violence against Law Enforcement officers, ensure the demise of Angela Correy’s persecution career and Hillary Clinton’s anti-firearm rhetoric. Now is your opportunity to own a piece of American History. Good Luck. Your friend, George M. Zimmerman ~Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum~


George Zimmerman: Committed to not letting the title of “Most Hated American” go to Donald Trump without a fight…

A few things to take notice of in this description: 1) I don’t know if the words “honored” and “humbled” have ever been used before in such a profane way. 2) Reading the words “used to defend my life and end the brutal attack from Trayvon Martin” literally made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. 3) A Kel-Tec PF-9 9mm is a relatively crappy gun that can be purchased new for about $250… The bidding will start at $5000. 4) Anyone who writes “B. Hussein Obama” reveals quite a bit about themselves… But writing that in combination with use of the word “thwarted” makes a person certifiably, objectively, and in all other ways, a complete and total asshat. 5) Writing “a portion of the proceeds” is awful-person-speak for “most of the money is going straight in my pocket.” And 6) “Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum” is Latin for “If you want peace, prepare for war.” There’s nothing “cooler” in Gun Nut Circles than Latin phrases which allude to the need for violence… Anyone know of a good tattoo parlor?

If there were ANY doubts as to whether this guy was completely morally bankrupt, those doubts have been put to rest. The auction of this gun–coupled with this disgusting description–is an act of pure evil. I don’t use that word very often… But it’s totally evil. In fact, I’ll say this: The decision to auction off this gun is more destructive, more malicious, more ugly than the act of violence that took the life of a 17 year old boy over four years ago. At least in the shooting, it is plausible that Zimmerman feared for his life. Even though his other arrests for violence and domestic abuse are WELL-DOCUMENTED, he may have acted out of fear… without a clear head. But THIS?!? This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever witnessed. And calling it any less than that puts YOU in the same general area of disgustingness.

trayvon-martin-14.jpgThe Trayvon Martin Foundation released this statement: “The Trayvon Martin Foundation is focused on ending senseless gun violence in the United States. This election season, we are laser focused on furthering that mission. As such, the foundation has no comment on the actions of that person.” Using the phrase “that person” is exactly the sort of response we should all have.

And the thing is, as infuriating as this whole thing is, it is probably way more tragic than it is infuriating. I have shed many tears over the tragedy of the killing of Trayvon Martin, and I have written about it multiple times. The fear and prejudice that led to his killing was tragic… The senseless taking of a kid’s life and the shattering of a family was tragic… The angry, hateful, racist responses from so many people was tragic… And this auction only works to exponentially add to the tragedy. Rather than witnessing the death of a human being, we are witnessing the death of a human soul. It’s the sort of death that comes when a person places financial gain over the pain that is caused to a family and community. And every person who bids on this gun is forfeiting a portion of their own soul as well. God help us. God help me to be compassionate to a broken person like George Zimmerman… Because I don’t think I can do it. God help us all to stand against disgusting acts of hatred like this auction, and stir our consciences into action. Fill us with bravery and love… Even when actions like this might make us feel like burning the whole thing to the ground. 

If you value this blog, and you’d like to support it, there are WAYS TO DO THAT. I’m so sad right now, but I sure do love you guys.


It appears that “gunbroker.com” has taken down the post of George Zimmerman’s gun. It now says, “Sorry, but the item you have requested is no longer in the system.” I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of “that person” trying to profit off him killing Trayvon Martin…

**UPDATE May 13**

After Gun Broker took down the auction, a site called United Gun Group put the gun up for auction. The bidding is currently at $65,000,000… So either there is fake bidding going on, or I am giving up on the world. One of those two things is happening.

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13 Responses to We Are Called To Love Even Morally Bankrupt Asshats Like George Zimmerman

  1. What makes me sad isn’t so much that this person (who has destroyed his imago dei) gets news attention. It’s that this kind of stuff keeps happening–this continue need to push back against the darkness that is this person and his destruction.

    “We plant trees today that our children may enjoy shade tomorrow” is my motto. But there are feral lumberjacks and arsonists continuously destroying the forests–and there is the media that eggs them on so that their publications may earn advertising dollars.

    Trayvon Martin was a human being with all the civil guarantees of freedom and safety, and we failed him.

    The person who destroyed Trayvon Martin doesn’t deserve fame or attention.

    He is still someone who is redeemable by the God we know and serve. But at this point it is only God who can save him. He is spiraling further and further down in his own self-destruction.

  2. K. says:

    Sorry Chris, but I have to take issue with you on this one. The God I know would never call on me to love the likes of George Zimmerman. Was there ever a more disgusting and pathetic human being? I certainly don’t wish him ill, and I hope one day he sees the error of his ways, but I personally believe he is beyond redemption. You might respond that as long as he is living, no one is beyond redemption. I disagree.

    • I don’t know that we can really love evil people. We have a hard time loving people who park too close to our cars, or who mow their lawns at 8:00 in the morning on a Saturday.

      George Zimmerman is simply way too hard to love. There are few things about him that can be considered “loveable,” and what inside him makes him worth loving?

      Still, we are given the words by Jesus to love others as he loves us.

      If we can’t love George Zimmerman, we can start with people whose awfulness is smaller, more accessible to our strengths and abilities.

      I am not making light of the display evilness of George ZImmerman. I am encouraging you to do what I have to do, which is to start where I am and work my way up.

      I have to learn to love the people who sit next to me on the bus who don’t bathe, or who are somewhat off kilter.

      I have to learn to love the people who malign my character unfairly.

      I have to learn to love the people who don’t already love me.

      I don’t know where you are in life, but if you’re having trouble loving George Zimmerman, try setting your goal to be something easier to manage.

      Best of luck.

  3. Mike-SMO says:

    I suspect George might not be a friend of mine but, still, he was worried about his neighbors being mugged or robbed. His tactics were “primitive” so that Trayvon, who had arrived home safely (so said the trial record) was able to sneak up on that “weird Cracker” (you can look up the actual quote in the same trial record) and lay some of that super MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Mojo on him. Mr. Z. was smart enough to protect his head from the pounding on the concrete walk and also smart enough to protect his pistol until he was able to use it to end the potentially lethal attack. Apparently Trayvon’s MMA Instructors forgot to mention that street rules are different from dojo rules (no referees, or whistles). Anything is in play to end a lethal attack by a mugger. It seems that Trayvon Martin might have done better to stay at home and maybe have his guardians call the police if they thought that Mr. Z. posed a problem to the neighborhood. Pounding Mr. Z’s head into the concrete walk sort of sets a different direction to the event. Or is it now somehow objectionable to fight back and survive a surprise assault by a strong, “excited” attacker? (The trial record is quite informative about these events and had lots of big pictures if you refuse to comprehend the text.) “Self Defense”.

  4. K. says:

    *simply speechless*

  5. Kelley Waite says:

    In response, I’m donating to the Travyon Martin foundation.

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Mike-MSO says:

    Trayvon was clearly a “troubled” young man who had been removed from school for unclearly described activity. He was apparently in the care of a guardian (his father, as I recall) who should have been providing some guidance until he returned to a school. He was, instead, allowed to wander the streets where he attacked someone who “looked at him in the wrong way”.

    In most jurisdictions, a claim of self-defense does not require that the claimant is pure, noble or even a “nice guy”. It requires only a response to an illegal attack. Mr. Z. may not be a “nice guy” in your opinion, and maybe in any way that I can imagine. Under the law, he appropriately used potentially lethal force (a firearm) to defend againnst a very effective and potentially lethal attack. Your opinion of Mr. Z. (or your “love” for him) is irrelevant. Trayvon attacked; Zimmerman defended.

    In spite of the incident being a clear case of self defense, the local authorities responded to political pressure and attempted to prosecute Mr. Z. who experienced extensive debt to pay for legal services. It may be a sad commentary on humanity, but that pistol probably has some value due to the circumstances of its use. If the sale of the pistol helps retire some of Mr. Z’s legal debt, so be it. Mr. Z. was forced to defend himself in the gangway and then to defend himself in the political courtroom and he has bills to pay. Defense is always expensive.

    Sorry about your love, but your concept of “love” is why we have “the law”.

    Remember: “self defense”.

    • Why do you feel you need to post the same things again and again? Are you afraid we might think of Trayvon as the victim and Z. as the killer?

      Trayvon Martin is dead. Z. is still alive. We are not guaranteed fairness in this life, and the proof is in the death of Travyon and the current existence of Z.

      • Mike-MSO says:

        Your last paragraph misses a point on fairness. The victim, George Zimmerman, survived. The criminal attacker, Trayvon Martin, did not. That may not be the “ideal” outcome in a “humane” sense, but it is “fair”.

  7. Well, this is Mr. Boeskool’s blog, not mine, and I don’t comprehend why people feel the need to exculpate a murderer, but some people need to make very, very sure we know how killing children is justifiable.

    I’ll let you to the last word, but it’s going to eat at your very soul to know that millions of people find it utterly abhorent that Z is alive and Trayvon Martin is dead by the hand of Z.

    There are few things in life that comfort me more than the knowledge that Travyon Martin will live in our memories, and eventually Z. will be both dead and forgotten, mourned by no one.

    • Mike-SMO says:

      A “child” should have been at home where his father (?) could supply guidane, control, discipline, supervision, etc. Trayvon was at his father’s home since there had been “problems” at school and elsewhere He was, instead, out wandering the streets, unsupervised. If Trayvon had killed or maimed Mr. Zimmermen, he probably would have gone through the juvenile justice system.

      Out in the dark world, this “child” was big and strong enough to slam a grown man to the ground, and pin him down while beating his head into the concrete of a public walk. There is no “kiddie league” for lethal attacks and George Zimmermen did what he had to. The criteria for self-defnse is the strength of the attack, not the age of the attacker.

      If Travon Martin has some effective supervision, discipline, control, etc, he might have had a long life. But left to himself, he forced the situation where it was either his life or George Zimmermen’s. I don’t know much about George Zimmerman, but I would never condemn him for choosing to survive the attack by the powerful, and irrational Trayvon Martin. Trayvon’s parents are another story…..

      You are pushing “children” and a “Thomas the Tank Engine” toys image; not too long ago, Trayvon could have been enlisted in the Marine Corps, with his parent’s permission. He might have benefited from such an experience.

  8. What in the hell is happening to people? Where is empathy and humanity? I would love to pull a blanket over my head after shutting the blinds-but I have a family and children. Where does this stop?

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