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It’s Not About The Word “Pocahontas”

It’s about the fact that this man lacks even the most basic understanding of human decency.  THAT’s what it’s about. After Donald did this today… … Elizabeth Warren responded by saying, “It is deeply unfortunate that the President of the … Continue reading

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Dear Third Party Voters: If We End Up With “President Trump,” It’s On You

I have an honest question for you: Do you really think you know more about Hillary’s Clinton’s faults than Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren? Think about that, for a moment, while I show you something. I’m about to show you two of … Continue reading

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Ron Paul and the All-Important Christian Vote

Tomorrow, a part of this great country will do their part to determine who will represent the republicans in this year’s presidential election. It is a state whose decision could change the course of history; A state with its finger … Continue reading

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