For The Christians Upset About The Super Bowl Halftime Show…

I know, I know… There was a lot of skin during the halftime show. A lot of belly dancing. A lot of booty shaking. A lot of hips not lying. A lot of gyrating and pole dancing. And yes, we get it: Your kids were watching, and “WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!?!”  and all that. We are all going to have to wash our eyes out with holy water…


It should be noted that there were no untruths told by any of the hips on that stage tonight.

I am not the sort of person who hears that the halftime entertainment is going to be Shakira and Jennifer Lopez and thinks, “Oh good!” I’m not a real big fan of either of them, to be honest. When I heard those were the acts, I said, “I’m expecting it’s going to be about 30% music, and 70% outfits.” And I realize some folks are into that, but it’s just not me. So I wasn’t very excited coming into it. Plus, I’m still a little bit pissed about Shakira stealing my idea for her song “My Hips Don’t Lie,” because I had that same basic idea for a song while I was in college…

A lot of people thought it was just epic. I didn’t. It was alright. I thought it was just kind of “Meh.” But the REASON I wasn’t that impressed had nothing to do with the skimpiness of the outfits or the thrustiness of the dance moves. It just wasn’t my thing…

But I’ve got to tell you, seeing all the hand wringing and tsk tsking coming from Christians on social media has got me a bit riled up. I get that everyone knows it’s coming — It’s so boringly predictable that the Purity Culture crowd is going to get up in arms at the sight of some skin on the Super Bowl. There were people lamenting how stuff like this leads to the objectification of women… which leads to porn… which leads to human trafficking… which I guess leads to the worst result: DANCING! There were people piously patting themselves on the back for turning the channel in anticipation of the debauchery. It was all very exhausting.

But I just kept thinking about how so many of the people who were outraged about not enough fabric were also the same people who support the sexual assaulter in chief who is sitting in the White House congratulating the state of Kansas on Kansas City’s big win. This is the same guy who paid to have sex with a porn star..cheating on his third wife (who was also a soft core porn model) while she took care of his newborn child (Trump himself was also in a soft core porn video). The same guy who was recorded bragging about being so famous that he can kiss anyone he wants to… even saying he can “grab ’em by the pussy.” This is the same guy who boasted to Howard Stern about intentionally barging in on naked teenage girls while they were getting dressed for one of his beauty pageants. The same guy who discounted some of the dozens of sexual assault allegations against him by suggesting the the women were too ugly to sexually assault. Yes… Many of the people who voted for the rapist in the White House — and will probably vote for him again — are worried about the example Shakira’s and J Lo’s outfits and dance moves are setting for our kids.

But they have gotten so used to their own hypocrisy that they can’t even see it anymore. If some famous “liberal elite” had said “Goddamn” during the show, they’d be talking about the downfall of America and blaming prayer in schools… But they don’t care at all that Trump regularly says that same word at his rallies. They get upset and invoke the word “bullying” at Don Lemon laughing and poking fun of what a moron Trump is (and, by proxy, the intelligence of the people supporting him)… But they are fine with the regular attacks and name-calling he makes at anyone who he feels threatened by. They are upset about two Latina women’s midriffs… But the cheerleader’s skimpy outfits are just “good, clean American fun.” It is pure, distilled hypocrisy, and it needs to be called out as such.

So if you want to be upset about seeing too much of J Lo’s amazing 50 year old body during the halftime show, I guess feel free… But you don’t get to do it while defending a man who cheated on all three of his wives — one of whom was among the dozens of women who have credibly accused him of sexual assault. This is a man who talked about dating his own daughter. This is a man who implied his accusers were too ugly to rape. You’re supporting a pussy-grabbing rapist who brags about barging in on naked teenagers… If you’re worried about the downfall of society, supporting a person like Trump should probably be more concerning to you than Shakira’s honest hips or J Lo’s pole dancing.

Now excuse me while I scream into my pillow…


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65 Responses to For The Christians Upset About The Super Bowl Halftime Show…

  1. Laurie Bylsma says:

    I just wanted to clap out loud for these insightful comments!

  2. Veronica Bobo says:


  3. Carol Anderson Steketee says:

    I didn’t watch for this very reason. I find it disgusting

    • theboeskool says:

      Find what disgusting, Carol?

      • Jack Rades says:

        Excellent article! Definitely the voice of reason. It’s a serious blind spot that claims Christian values in judging the performance while supporting Trump. Unfortunately, it’s not hypocrisy for Christian zealots who are promoting the apocalypse to be supporting him. If they think they’re supporting a Christian, they’re completely misguided because he can barely spell “Christian”. But it is accurate in one way: The apocalypse would be ushered in by the Antichrist. In that way, they have chosen the right man.

  4. Komack says:

    We didn’t Trump because he was a choir boy. We hired him to clean nhouse and straighten up our government….or lack of government and he is doing a great job in spite of all the evil attacks coming from the other side. Also, things that Trump did IN HIS PAST were not done on National TV for all the world to see. This show you are trying, poorly I might add, to defend could have been done more tastefully. These people are famous and should set good examples when kids are watching. Immorality doesn’t care though.

    • theboeskool says:

      Yes, you are right… He is no “choir boy.” He is serial philanderer who has been accused by 20+ credible women of sexual assault, and he is a person who was in his 60s when he bragged about “grabbing ’em by the pussy” and boasted about barging in on naked teenagers. But that was “IN HIS PAST.” LOL And I suppose if you brag about sexually assaulting women, it’s okay as long as it’s not done on National TV… Only on a nationally syndicated radio show like Howard Stern.

      Sorry, stranger… For forfeit your right to call anything “immorality” when you support an objectively awful ghoul like Donald. If you want a useful tool to imagine how utterly awful the things DJT has done are, just imagine how outraged you would be if Obama had done EVEN ONE of the horribly immoral things Trump has done. Not all of them… Just imagine Obama doing ONE. And then let your righteous anger burn.

      Admittedly, these sorts of things are hard to see, though, when you are in a cult…

      • Jo says:

        The name of this article should be “if you voted for Trump, stop complaining.” And honestly as a Christian I feel that this article was not put together in the sense of the Christian values as so it may seem. Most Christians did not vote for Trump because of Trump, but because of their values and he just so happened to be the only option for them to vote. Everybody has their own opinion and I have mine but directly trying to assume all Christians voted for Trump is ignorant and shows that not everyone paid attention in school as you are unaware of the true problem of not being able to see if from their perspective. Open your eyes.

      • Judi says:

        Jo that’s a copout. I know what you’re talking about, having been raised in the religious right. But the increasing myopia of people who think we should be a theocracy has led us here. Christians need to do better.

    • der0s says:

      So you mean a good example like this?
      Ugh Shakira is sooooo distasteful

    • Sharon Crane says:

      Oopsies! The problem with our current government is it’s ALL CORRUPT! It’s not isolated to GOP or Democrat, it’s on both sides of the aisle. Sad that you think it’s getting better, but you’re entitled to your opinion, even if it’s wrong. You have absolutely zero right to speak of morality if you find any redeeming qualities in Trump! He’s a crook and a con man, always has been, always will be…even from a prison cell which is likely where he’ll land one day. They got Al Capone on tax fraud, it can work again! As for the performances, I guess you’ve never had the kids watch cheerleaders then. Or any form of dancing??? The example they were setting was that, in spite of a white male dominated country, 2 Latina women can be successful! They are performers…dancers…there was absolutely nothing immoral about anything they did on that stage. Get your head out of the sand!

    • Veronica Bobo says:

      Komack, you say these people are famous and should set good examples? What about the “rallies” that Trump puts on whenever he needs an ego boost or a distraction from some horrible news story about him? He encourages violence, swears like a sailor, and belittles opponents with name calling and bullying. Is that what you call setting a good example? I hope you don’t have kids. You people are such hypocrites.

    • Mick says:

      Wow… did you read what you wrote? “ These people are famous and should set good examples when kids are watching. Immorality doesn’t care though.” I am assuming that you believe the President of the United States of America isn’t famous or a public figure. Based on your comment it appears that you are stating that he doesn’t have the same standards or requirements that other celebrities have. Well, sorry, but in my opinion he has ten times more obligations as he is after all the leader of the so called “free” world. But I guess for any child watching and looking up to him doesn’t really need him to be a great leader when they already have their parents to lead them down the road of hate, violence, discrimination, and bullying. Do us all a favor and go check yourself!!

  5. Gladys says:

    You know, most of the complaints are coming from feminists leftists right?

  6. Gladys says:

    You know, most of the complaints are coming from feminists leftists right? The women supporting trump actually don’t mind the show at all.

    • theboeskool says:

      That is hilarious in its complete wrongness. Thank you for the laugh…

    • Becky says:

      This feminist from the left is laughing out loud at how ludicrous your statement is! Every single progressive female I know is applauding these magnificent women and. Do you even know what a feminist is?

      • Randall says:

        A feminist is nothing more than an uptight cunt that watches way too much television and gets butthurt whenever there’s not much representation shown. I bet every single progressive female you know is your tiny support group of uppity bitches that you drink wine and watch chick flicks with to try to fill the void in your pathetic, soulless, mass manufactured life.

  7. Sheila says:

    Amen — wonderful insight and so spot on!

  8. Peggy says:

    Unbelievable! You dare to blame the Presidents behavior, for justification for allowing our children to see strippers on stage of a family game…this is not a right and left situation, this is an American values issue.

    • theboeskool says:

      1) They were not strippers.
      2) It has never been a “family game.”
      3) I’m not ‘blaming the president’s behavior” for the halftime performance… I’m saying that if you are upset with the performance, but you excuse his endless immorality and philandering and paying porn stars to have sex with him & then lying about it, then that makes you a giant hypocrite.
      And 4) Please explain where “grab ’em by the pussy” is an example of “American Values.”

    • talmandan says:

      I must have been watching a different event because I didn’t see any strippers 🤔

    • adriene says:

      Peggy, I do believe you may not have read the article incorrectly. Either that or you may be a little cray cray because your “President,” is a self-proclaimed, “grab ’em by the pussy” soft porn star and pays to have sex and cheats on his wives and lastly, accused of sexual assault by numerous women BUT that is ok. I am dumbfounded and think it might behoove you to read the article, again, with an OPEN MIND or not.

  9. Larry Kunz says:

    Yup. You nailed it.
    In the “But I just kept thinking” paragraph it says “soft corn porn video.” If that’s not a typo – if “soft corn porn” is really a thing – please don’t tell me. I really don’t want to know. 😉

  10. Teresa says:

    Thank you. It’s refreshing to hear a voice of reason in this very biased and polarized environment.

  11. Roy Miller MD says:

    Great.. love it !!

  12. Shan Dey says:

    Stupid article, stupid half time and Adam Lavine is Gross

  13. ESR says:

    How about the Christians who find the halftime show disgraceful AND are disgusted by our current president?

  14. Sjohnson says:

    The show WAS overtly sexual. NOT appropriate for network tv. I just watched it to see for myself what caused such outrage. Guess what?? Shakira and JLO were sleazy. No self-respecting woman should flaunt their sexuality to that degree in public.

  15. Mark Lawley says:

    You’re using a pretty broad brush there sweetcheeks…

    You write a blog that’s supposed to make you look so insightful and ‘woke’ (whatever the hell that is) yet you’re narrow minded enough to assume everyone who thought the show was a little over the top were Christians and that all Christians are Republicans and voted for Trump.

    I know you just trying to feed your little ego with you blog by stirring the pot so people will pay attention to you, but at least try to do it with a little more thought and less bullshit.

    • theboeskool says:

      Weird… I don’t remember writing that everyone who was upset by the show was a christian. Or that all christians are republicans either, for that matter. I also didn’t use the word “woke.”

      I am saying this: If you are a Christian who supports the pussy-grabber-in-chief, you forfeit your right to claim some sort of moral high ground when it comes to the choices women make in their costuming for the NFL halftime show.

      And it you can’t see the simple truth in that, I’m not sure what to tell you.


    • Dale says:

      Bravo. Hit her right on the head.👍

  16. Island girl 65 says:

    Nailed it!

  17. Emily says:

    Oh fuck off

    • theboeskool says:

      I feel like, since you put so much thought into this comment, I owe you a well-reasoned response.

      Please know that I see where you are coming from, here. We live in such a divided time, Emily. People don’t know who or what to trust anymore, right? And then someone posts an article on Facebook that says it’s for Christians who were upset by the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and you think *I* AM A CHRISTIAN WHO WAS UPSET BY THE HALFTIME SHOW!!!

      Next thing you know, you have just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading some garbage that called you a hypocrite for supporting a racist, rapist of a president while getting your non-arousing, puritan panties in a bunch over some Latina women celebrating their cultures and their talented bodies on a stage IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN! So you find yourself at the end of the article, and you figure, “I’ve got something to add to this conversation.” And you did! Something of value… Something that comes from the heart. You added the words “Oh fuck off.”

      With those words, it’s almost like you put on a skimpy outfit, and danced in front of a world still reeling with the after effects of puritanism and the purity culture that tell us that women’s bodies are evil and dangerous, and they must be covered up… Lest people see them and be driven to lust. But you, Emily — as a strong woman who makes her own choices — decided to respond with the in-your-face pole dance of the words “Oh fuck off.

      And I, for one, am proud of you.



      • Nick says:

        Hahaha love it!! Emily, get a life.

      • Bob says:

        LMAO, three magic words and Boeskool writes a whiny butthurt paragraph in response. This blog is gold if you want to see how media consumption and feminist men (a.k.a. pussies, cucks, faggots) go well together like PB & J.

  18. Wine 🍷 says:

    I loved the show and there was nothing wrong with what both singers had on.
    If I was skinny I would wear those outfits.
    And I let my grandson watch the 1/2 time show.
    So stop complaining about these singers and get a life.

  19. Liz says:

    Totally agree! Just found you through a friend and have decided to start following so I can read your witty responses to stupid comments. They are a true bonus to an already great read! =)

  20. Michelle says:

    I loved this article!! Thank you for writing this as I plan to share it over and over! Also, the responses to comments are exceptional.

  21. Julie says:

    Could there be a more predictable, boringly predictable, response to the “purity culture crowd” who were upset about the half-time show? I was hoping for some depth of thought but all I got was a saucer of sour milk.

    The next election is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. That gives you a solid 9 months to find and schedule your post election therapy sessions. Make good use of them.

    Best of luck.

  22. rachelbanham says:

    I Totally agree (from the person who bought up human trafficking) Not everyone who has issue with the performance voted for trump and if the did, they need to look at why they have issues with the women and not the men who promote the same culture x

  23. Barry Yandell says:

    Love this! Truth!!

  24. Josie Ramos says:

    If people already know how these performers sing, dress and dance, why not walk away during the half time, to go in the kitchen and eat a snack or go for a pee break until the game comes back on.

    These ladies work endless hours and practice over and over for giving fans a great performance, one to remember.
    They did an outstanding job.

  25. Matt Kaster says:

    This halftime show would have been so much better if Wyclef had made an appearance…

  26. Dale says:

    Your a idiot. What in the hell did an x rated halftime show have to do with politics.
    U must be another snowflake still pissed off about crooked Hitlery not cheating her way into the white house.

  27. Cuh Keyold says:

    What’s a bigger waste of time than whining about the SuperBowl half time show? Having some grown ass man having a hissy fit over people’s mundane reactions to it. Your blog keeps making me laugh, never stop with the butthurt!

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