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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Killing of the Black Teen in Florida

So you’ve probably already heard: Another unarmed black teenager was shot to death in Florida, and the man who shot and killed him once again went unconvicted of the murder. And once again, just like in Trayvon Martin’s murder that … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Decided To Buy A Tiger

So I’ve decided to buy a tiger. I know it seems impractical and more than a little dangerous, but we live in an impractical and dangerous world. It’s not the carefree world that I grew up in—I live in a … Continue reading

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Trayvon Martin and Dutch Ninjas

I was racially profiled in college once. For those of you don’t know, that race is…. Uh, I guess “caucasian?” I belong to the Dutch race. Netherlandic, I suppose? I don’t know–I’m a white guy. And I went to a … Continue reading

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A Common Sense (Non-Religious) Case Against Guns

Let’s imagine, for a second, that a junkie walks up to you and says, “Give me all your money, or I am going to cut you!” Unarmed, you quickly hand over all your money. You call the police and make … Continue reading

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