We’re Having Car Trouble. Meanwhile, In Syria….

It’s my birthday today. I’m dangerously close to 40, and it’s starting to stress me out a little. Yesterday, the power went out for about five hours, the temp in our house got down into the high 50’s, and we had to wear robes over our clothes. One of my kids woke me up a little too early this morning to tell me about something he had accomplished on Lego Star Wars, so that was frustrating. Our minivan had to get towed into the shop this morning, and our other car is driving like a diesel. It’s not a diesel. If the van doesn’t get fixed in time, the kids will have to ride the bus to school, and that makes them a little crazier when they get home. Hopefully we’ll get our tax returns back soon so we don’t have to put the repairs on our credit card. Meanwhile, in Syria….

UNRWA Humanitarian Distributions in Yarmouk

UNRWA Humanitarian Distributions in Yarmouk

Please spend some time looking at this picture…. What you are seeing here are people from a Palestinian camp called Yarmouk that has been besieged in Syria for almost a year. There is no food. They are lining up to receive food supplies from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

Also, it pissed me off when John Travolta mispronounced Idina Menzel’s name the other day on The Oscars.

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7 Responses to We’re Having Car Trouble. Meanwhile, In Syria….

  1. Mona Higgins says:

    Great reminder…. it’s all in one’s perspective, isn’t it?

  2. rhondadonda says:

    Perspective is everything. Great post today, so have a happier birthday.

  3. Joan Husmann says:

    A little skewed towards your first-world problems. Normally I find your postings to be thought-provoking. The only thought provoked by this one was that perhaps age will improve your perspective. Or maybe you are just having a really bad day. 🙂

  4. Diana says:

    thanks for reminding us (again) what is truly important.. and what.. in reality is just a bunch of marketing! love your blog..

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