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The NFL’s Punishment For Knocking a Woman Unconscious Is The Same As Their Punishment For Smoking Weed

I love football. I love this time of year. The days are getting shorter, it’s not a blazing hot all the time, and soon, it will be time for another disappointing season of Fantasy Football. I know, I know–I am a … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Kids From Turning Gay

There are basically two sorts of people who are upset about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on ESPN after being drafted into the NFL. First, there are the sort who feels like his or her religious freedom is being infringed upon … Continue reading

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5 New Ways World Vision Is Following “Biblical Principles”

In a surprise move, World Vision has made yet another change to its hiring practices. As many of you know, World Vision shocked the evangelical community when three days ago they announced they would begin hiring openly gay Christians, while … Continue reading

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5 Things To Remember When Discussing This Duck Dynasty Mess

“Just when I thought I was out…. They pull me back in.” ~ Michael Corleone If you haven’t already heard, you will shortly: A&E has suspended some dude (I don’t know what his name is, and I really don’t even … Continue reading

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