The Real Reason Trump Is Ending DACA

With Trump’s announcement that he will end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), people have been trying to figure out “WHY?” Why now? Why ever?! Why would he go back on his word like this? How could a human being do something like this? Etcetera… There are a lot of theories out there:

  • Some people think he’s planning on using DACA as a bargaining chip to try to get congress to fund the border wall. By ending DACA with an executive order, he forces Congress to act to keep DACA alive. The only way to protect the dreamers against the awfulness of this administration is to pass legislation, and it’s been suggested that any legislation they produce could be compelled to include funding for the border wall. Of course, he is asking for this border wall funding at a time that Houston needs an estimated $190 BILLION in flood relief money, while yet another hurricane–Irma, a Category 5–bears down on Florida.

  • Some think he ended DACA because he has so many racists on his staff: Jeff Sessions for his Attorney General, and Stephen Miller for his… whatever the hell Stephen Miller does as “Policy Advisor.” I don’t know… Just standing around and whispering racist shit in his ear, I assume? (By the way, sending Sessions out there to announce you were ruining the lives of 800,000 kids who have done nothing wrong was the political equivalent of the pediatrician leaving the room when it’s time to give a kid a shot, and sending in the nurse… Only WAY more chicken shit)

  • Some think it’s because Trump genuinely hates all the people who aren’t white, straight, and male (or rich enough to help him get more power).

  • Some think it’s because he’s trying to make us forget the LAST unbelievable awful thing he just did buy “topping it.” And in order for people to forget, he has to keep outdoing his previous awfulness. For example, I honestly couldn’t even remember (without looking it up) what Trump did right before Hurricane Harvey that made Bob Corker say that the president “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.” Turns out it was him doubling down on “both sides were a little wrong and a little right” about Charlottesville. It’s almost enough to make you forget that a fascist white supremacist murdered a woman with his car…

  • Some think it’s because he is just looking for yet another distraction so that people take their focus off of the Russia investigation.

  • Some think he knows that he’s going to be impeached and removed from office so he’s trying to do as much damage as possible before he goes. This is the diabolical genius of today’s government-hating GOP: “If they succeed, government gets smaller and ineffective… If they fail, they can still make government even more ineffective by inspiring people to lose hope in its ability to do anything worthwhile.”

Can we all just get T-Shirts that say this on them?

  • Some think he can feel his support slipping away, and this was just an attempt to pander to his grotesquely racist base. And believe me, if you are still supporting him, you are RACIST AS ALL HELL (even former Reagan/Bush advisors admit it). Even though your ears instantly close when we say this, we have to keep on saying it: YOU CANNOT STILL BE SUPPORTING DONALD TRUMP AND ACT LIKE YOU AREN’T SUPPORTING WHITE SUPREMACY.

  • Some think he’s just angry at how much people still love Obama, and he’s just trying to tear down as many of the good things that black man did as possible…

There may well be SOME truth to all of these things… But it’s not the WHOLE truth. The real reason Donald Trump is trying to get rid of DACA is as follows: IT IS BECAUSE HE IS A FESTERING BAG OF SHIT. Period. Every unscripted opportunity he has had to change my mind on this has only resulted in him proving he is the absolute worst. He is a rotten, broken excuse for a human being… A hollow shell of a man whose narcissism leaves no room for anything as unprofitable as “compassion.” Morality and conscience fled from the putrid smell a long time ago. He is a bloated orange pile of selfishness, white supremacy, and self-loathing that feeds on misplaced praise. That’s it. There’s no need to look for a deeper meaning for the things he is doing… No reasoning… No strategy… It’s just this: The President is a bag of shit.

And I am aware this is not a “Christian” way to speak about someone. I get that… I guess I’m not feeling very “Christian” right now. And I get it! “Dehumanizing” people is what THEY do… We can’t “stoop to their level.” “When they go low, we go high,” right? Well… I just can’t right now. If we are so afraid of “dehumanizing” people that we refrain from calling an actual monster a “MONSTER,” then what is that word for? There are actual monsters in the world… And we have elected one of them as the President of our country.

I am done playing nice. I am done worrying about how “Christian” it looks when I call him what he is. I realize we are supposed to “Love our enemies,” but Trump does not need love… He needs to be removed from a position where he can hurt even more people. I seriously believe he is beyond help. Giving him “love,” would be like giving shoes to a man with no legs. His brokenness is even beyond the reach of his own family. His own children are nothing more to him than medals he pins on his empty chest. If a maniac is walking around wildly swinging a sword and hurting the people in his path, “Loving” that person does not look like praying for him and letting him continue. It also doesn’t look like picking up your own sword and cutting him down. But Loving him CAN look like a community of people wrestling him to the ground… taking the sword away from him so he stops inflicting harm… and then keeping him away from weapons until he comes to his senses. If he ever does…

This is my truth right now. Thank you for reading it. A special thanks to Lori, who is my newest Patron. THANK YOU! It means so much. If everyone who values this blog became a $2/month Patron, writing could be something like my JOB… And that would be amazing. So if you’d like to support my writing, you TOO can BECOME A PATRON. Or, you can LEAVE A TIP ON PayPal, which sometimes happens. Otherwise, follow me on Ye Olde Facebook, and also on Twitter. And most of all, keep on resisting and opposing this present darkness.


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6 Responses to The Real Reason Trump Is Ending DACA

  1. Ruth says:

    He is most assuredly a flaming bag of dog poo on the porch. Having said that, isn’t it possible that if you believe that the Executive Order to create DACA is unconstitutional it’s only appropriate to rescind it? That isn’t an endorsement of deporting dreamers. Not by a long shot. But isn’t it possible that if we want a long-term solution that Congress actually needs to do it’s job? If they pass some legislation then this whole DACA legality question goes away. I think in the long-run this will only further highlight the dysfunction of Congress. Just like everything else they cannot come to an agreement on anything.

    Certainly I question his motives because he’s Donald Trump and narcissists always, always, have ulterior motives. On one hand he says that dreamers need to be prepared to self-deport and on the other hand he says if Congress doesn’t do something he’ll revisit DACA and ‘legalizing’ it. How can he make it any more legal than Obama did? I guess if you’re a white man making an executive order is more legal than a black man doing it?

    • If it is unconstitutional, then why damage the DACA holders? Why not work with Congress DIRECTLY?

      I cannot excuse this damage to 800,000 people in order to prove a point.

      People matter.

      This is such a minor thing, that children were brought here and raised as Americans. We could easily treat this as “deferred action” until Congress comes up with a solution.

      Why actually harm people to prove a point?

      What is wrong with people who think cruelty is the essence of law?

      • Ruth says:

        I’m not agreeing with the decision. In fact, I wholeheartedly disagree with it.

        Saying that, Congress has wrestled with this matter a number of times. They’ve yet to come up with a solution because of their constant bickering.

        I think Trump is attempting to force the hand of Congress to take action. This has been deferred action since prior to DACA.

        Ten states are threatening to sue the Trump administration to end DACA. There were 26 states party to the initial lawsuit to end the program. Sixteen of those states have withdrawn from this latest legal effort. I think that speaks to how large the problem is.

        I don’t think it will work because Trump consistently undercuts his own plan. In the end I think he’ll have to revisit DACA. If he thinks there’s some quick solution to this issue he’s in for a rude awakening.

        He’s playing to his base. That’s what he’s always done. This cannot be a surprise. Meanwhile real people’s lives hang in the balance. When he revisits DACA and ‘legalises’ the order he’ll want to be seen as a savior (and his base will contend he is) to a problem he created when he rescinded the order in the first place. Most narcissists have a huge savior complex.

  2. Mona Higgins says:

    I wish we lived next door to each other so we could vent over coffee every morning. Only I would never get any work done because our so-called president gives us way too much to vent about. Love your writing….. Mona ________________________________

  3. Jeremy Anderson says:

    Great article, Chris.

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