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Forget Guns For Teachers — Surround Our Schools With Land Mines

The president and the GOP administration have suggested arming teachers with guns… But I don’t think this plan goes far enough. Here’s my plan: No sane country debates arming teachers. — Walter Shaub (@waltshaub) February 24, 2018 It’s clear that … Continue reading

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School Shootings and Fake Christians

I think that Christianity divorced from Reason is one of the most destructive forces on the planet. And the brand of religion that makes people choose between faith and rationality has been on full display since this most recent school shooting … Continue reading

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Yes, It IS A Mental Health Problem, Mr. President… YOURS.

When a man drove a rented truck down an NYC bike bath, killing eight people, here is what happened: After the president found out that he was a Muslim, he responded quickly to 1) call for his death, and 2) … Continue reading

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For Those Concerned About “Politicizing A Tragedy”

With each new mass shooting, people usually split into one of three groups with their talking points: 1) “Guns don’t kill people; People kill people” (very closely aligned with the “If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns” crowd). 2) “We … Continue reading

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You Can Think We Need Guns To Protect Us From The Government, Or You Can Have Respect For The Troops, But You Can’t Have Both

If you talk with people about changing gun laws, it won’t be very long before someone shows up and explains that one of the main reasons we have the second amendment is to “protect us against the tyranny of our own government.” Believe … Continue reading

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Please Stop Acting Like You Care About All These Shootings

You don’t. If you belong to the NRA, and you give your money to an organization that actively works to keep highly effective killing tools in as many (white) hands as possible, you don’t care at all about any of the … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Guns In Church

There’s a joke in an old episode of The Simpsons…. It’s the one where a hurricane blows through town, and the only house that gets destroyed is Ned Flanders’ home. If you don’t already know, Ned Flanders is the town … Continue reading

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Judge Reveals Real Victims In Charleston: Dylann Roof’s Family

Over the past day or so, I’ve been accused of being a “Leftist Race-baiter,” I’ve been accused of making things worse for focusing on the reality of racism instead of sweeping the problem under the rug (along with the very real … Continue reading

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God Bless Our 2nd Amendment!!!

Things are getting more and more dangerous out there, people! Everywhere you look, there are people dying–firing range instructors getting shot by a nine year old girl with an uzi, unarmed teenagers in Missouri…. It’s EVERYWHERE! Now, there might be some … Continue reading

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Gun Control, Knife Control, and My Own Hypocrisy

I might be completely full of shit…. So that’s concerning. Today, when I heard the news about the mass stabbing at a Western Pennsylvania High School, my first thoughts were not of the kids who got stabbed. My first thoughts … Continue reading

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