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For Memorial Day, The U.S. Army Asked, “How Has Serving Impacted You?” It Did NOT Go As They Had Planned…

Over this Memorial Day weekend, the U.S. Army posted a PR video of a soldier telling about how his service has changed him. He said that it allowed him to “serve something greater than myself… The Army has afforded me … Continue reading

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How To Stay Out Of Disney World At All Costs: A Theological Allegory

“DISNEY WORLD IS THE GREATEST PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!” Christian told this to just about every person he met. He had never been there, but he had heard. He had seen all the movies, read all the books… “I’m going … Continue reading

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Jerry Falwell, Jr. and the Christian Jihad

By now, many of you have probably already seen the video of Jerry Falwell, Jr., the president of Liberty University (the largest Christian college in the world), inviting all the Liberty students to carry concealed handguns so that there will … Continue reading

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Prayers For Paris, and Prayers For Our Hearts

Like many of you, I have had tears in my eyes all night. I have been watching the stories come in about these murders in Paris, and just like everyone else, my heart is breaking. It breaks for the families … Continue reading

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Ten Things You Could Have Done, Officer Fields, Instead of Choke Slam a 15-Year Old–As Written By Someone With Extensive Experience in Children Not Doing What They Are Asked

The following was written by Marie Cushing, a teacher in Memphis, TN’s Achievement School District. She has worked for Teach For America, and she is a gifted writer, educator, and communicator. It is reposted here with her permission…. Ask her to … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Guns In Church

There’s a joke in an old episode of The Simpsons…. It’s the one where a hurricane blows through town, and the only house that gets destroyed is Ned Flanders’ home. If you don’t already know, Ned Flanders is the town … Continue reading

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A Quick Quiz To Find Out If You’re A Shitty Parent

I know, I know…. We’re all a little bit neurotic when it comes to the job we’re doing as parents. We feel bad when we lose our tempers, we feel like we’re being neglectful when we sit them down in … Continue reading

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The Speech I Wish Obama WOULD Have Given….

Yesterday the United States started bombing ISIS/ISIL/IS targets within Syria. Over the past few weeks, we have been bombing targets in Iraq as well. On September 10th, President Obama addressed the country and gave a speech detailing his plan for the … Continue reading

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Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, and The Spirit of God

I come from “a broken home.” A broken home…. What does that even mean? Most people define a broken home as one where the parents got divorced, but my home was broken by domestic abuse long before it was ever “broken” by divorce. My … Continue reading

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5 Reminders That There Are A Lot of Good Cops Out There

There are plenty of things to be critical of about what is happening in Ferguson, MO right now…. Too many things to count. The thought of trying to to point out all of the messed up things about that situation … Continue reading

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