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The Reason This Man Didn’t Explain That He Was Not A Muslim

His name is Jagmeet Singh. And chances are good you’ve probably seen his face pop up on your social media over the last few days. At a recent campaign event in Canada, he was interrupted by a irate woman who … Continue reading

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What The Muslims Taught Me About Jesus

Two days ago, someone vandalized The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro… A Mosque in a town not far from where I live in Nashville, Tennessee. They spray painted the words “Fuck Allah” multiple places, spelled out those same words in bacon, and … Continue reading

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On President Trump, From A Heartbroken Christian

Forgive me for not writing sooner. It has been a hard couple days. And since it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, I might as well give it a try… For me, my support of Hillary Clinton as a … Continue reading

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16 Things Refugees Are Like…

You guys–You are aware this stuff is being recorded, right? Seriously. Very few things on the internet ever actually disappear. And someday our kids or our grandkids are going to see the crazy, fear-filled, inaccurate shit you’ve been typing into … Continue reading

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Stop Saying “Islamic Terrorist”

About a month ago, some co-workers and I went to the Islamic Center of Nashville. We met with a man who was part of the leadership at the Mosque, and he spoke to us about some of the issues Muslim kids … Continue reading

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A Christian Response To Cutting Off People’s Heads

Over the next couple of days, you’re about to hear a whole lot of hatred spewed from people who feel like their hatred is justified. A man in Oklahoma has murdered a woman he worked with–reportedly by beheading. It is also … Continue reading

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The Unforgivable Sin Of Bumper Stickers

A few years ago, a study on road rage showed a positive correlation between the number of bumper stickers that were on a car and the likelihood of the driver to lose it and freak out on somebody. It didn’t … Continue reading

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