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Tennessee’s “Religious Freedom” Bill Is Going To Kill Kids

It probably seems like there are a flurry of these so-called “Religious Freedom” bills in the news right now… And the reason it seems that way is because that is actually what is happening. The governor of Mississippi just signed a bill … Continue reading

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Nativity Scenes, and How To Tell If You’re A Christian

I grew up in a little tourist town called Grand Haven. It was a great place to be a kid… Especially in the summers. It was (and still is) the sort of place where everyone within driving distance would come … Continue reading

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Before You Start Arguing About Hobby Lobby….

…. Please consider a few things. Q: Know what happens when fewer women have access to birth control? A: The number of unwanted pregnancies goes up. And guess what happens when there are more unwanted pregnancies…. You guessed it–More abortions. So … Continue reading

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How To Keep Your Kids From Turning Gay

There are basically two sorts of people who are upset about Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on ESPN after being drafted into the NFL. First, there are the sort who feels like his or her religious freedom is being infringed upon … Continue reading

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