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The Pure, Unfiltered Hellscape That Is The School Drop-Off Line

Each morning I visit hell. Not Hell, Michigan, and not some fiery, figurative Gehenna-ish hell that Jesus talked about in the Bible… but the ACTUAL HELL, right here on earth. I load my kids into the car, and I drive … Continue reading

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What We Can Learn About People In Restaurants and Costco Parking Lots

I’m a server at a restaurant. And as a server, I am completely dependent on the goodness of strangers in order to make money. Nobody is forced to leave a tip after their meal… Not even large parties where the … Continue reading

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Jesus Voting Republican Would Be A Miracle

I swear I’m not a democrat. Sure, I still have an “I ♥ Barack” bumper sticker on my car from the 2008 election, but the heart has completely worn off, so now it just says “I   Barack.” I tell people … Continue reading

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