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Trump Awards Medal of Valor To Female Officer… Then Kisses Her.

It’s been a busy couple of days, as far as the news is concerned… I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this. This post is going to be shorter than most. Capitol Police Special Agent Crystal Griner was one … Continue reading

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Trump and Transgender Soldiers, or Why Straight, White Men Need To Get The Hell Out Of The Way.

I woke up this morning to many of the people I care about writing Facebook posts and Tweets assuring their transgender friends and family that they are loved and valued and seen… And I thought, “Shit. What did Trump do … Continue reading

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The Transgender Person In The Stall Next To You

I got unfriended on Facebook again. It used to happen a lot more… I think I have become a little less abrasive over the past few years. These days, I can usually see it coming. I’m aware that feeling like … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality–The Most American Thing We Could Have Done

There’s this idea out there called “American Exceptionalism.” You may not have heard the phrase before, but you almost certainly encountered the ideology. It’s basically the idea that the U.S.A. is inherently different than all the rest of the countries…. And, … Continue reading

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Fighting For Michigan’s Soul

Michigan…. Oh, my sweet home state. What has happened to you? Where is the heart that I remember loving as a child growing up on your beautiful shoreline? Where is your kindness and your sensibility? What has become of you? Who … Continue reading

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God Loves Caitlyn Jenner Every Bit As Much As God Loved Bruce Jenner

I’ve never really thought of myself as handsome–Certainly never as handsome as Bruce Jenner, with his muscles, and his Wheaties box covers, and his great head of hair…. You know what, I suppose there was a window in time where I … Continue reading

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Living Generously, Even When God Isn’t Angry Anymore

Earlier this year, the Church my family and I attend made an official statement of inclusion for the LGBT community. You can read about it in a post I wrote titled “What Happened When My Church Decided To Start Marrying Gay People.” Though … Continue reading

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10 Encouraging Things To Come Out Of This Indiana Garbage

If you’re anything like me, you have probably gotten more than a little discouraged by the news coming out of Indiana over the last few days. I wrote a bit about it HERE, if you feel like reading it. It is understandable … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Christians About Gay Boy Scouts

To Whom It May Concern (but I’m especially looking at you, Southern Baptists): I’m sure you’ve already heard that the Boy Scouts of America have recently voted to allow kids who are openly gay into scouting. I realize a lot … Continue reading

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Coming Out Against The “Don’t Say Gay” Bill

With a nickname like the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, you might be inclined to think that this piece of legislation was attempting to do something noble…. Like encouraging kids to stop using the term “gay” to describe something that think … Continue reading

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