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A Preemptive Eulogy

Yesterday morning I woke up, stumbled out of bed, and shuffled over to the bathroom…. And just like I do every morning, I peed for an “Austin-Powers-getting-cryogenically-unfrozen” length of time while gargling some Listerine (sure, there are other mouthwashes that don’t … Continue reading

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The Vasectomy…. Continued

“Nothing but good news…. There is a frog in South America whose venom is a cure For all the suffering that mankind must endure More powerful than morphine, and soothing as the rain A frog in South America has the antidote for pain … Continue reading

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I Really Don’t Care About “Getting People Saved.”

I walked out of one of my schools today and a woman in a Burka was walking toward me. It was one of the ones where everything is covered other than her face–not one of the less sexy ones with the … Continue reading

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