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Obama Wins and Jesus Loses

They say you should never go to bed angry…. Sometimes, after a particularly intense argument with my wife, we make the mistake of going to sleep without sorting things out (It’s usually because we realize that talking through what just … Continue reading

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Blogs, Birthdays and Bullshit

It has been exactly one year since I have started this blog. Today is my one year bloggiversary! When I started this, I honestly didn’t think I would keep doing it. Ever since I was a kid, the surest way to … Continue reading

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This is not going to be politically correct…. My life is full of examples of times that I have said things without thinking. I have a friend who is always planning secret trips and parties and events for his wife, … Continue reading

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Hating Obama More Than You Love Jesus

You know what? I really don’t care who wins the presidential election. Six months from now, I will cast my vote for President Obama–Mostly because I feel like he will do a better job looking out for the poor and … Continue reading

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The Vasectomy…. Continued

“Nothing but good news…. There is a frog in South America whose venom is a cure For all the suffering that mankind must endure More powerful than morphine, and soothing as the rain A frog in South America has the antidote for pain … Continue reading

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Candy, Toilet Paper, and Halloween Cleavage

It started out as all great evenings do: With a plastic Spiderman mask, a rubber band, and some red and blue Underoos. I loved everything about Halloween… Walking out into the crisp, Fall air with nothing but a cheap, plastic pumpkin with a … Continue reading

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Mormons, Muslims, And Mitt Romney

You know how when people say, “I don’t want to sound racist, but…” you can be sure that the next thing out of their mouth is going to be about as racist as something can be? Well, I don’t want … Continue reading

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