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I Believe Joe Biden’s Accuser… I’m Still Voting For Him. Here’s Why:

With the news that Bernie is officially out of the running for president, it seems that our choice for president has gone from one of Three Very Old White Men, to now having to choose between Two Very Old White … Continue reading

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Comparing Clinton and Trump Is Like Comparing Apples and Hitler

Listen–I am not a huge Hillary Clinton fan… Not by any stretch of the imagination. I’m one of those annoying people who believes that Bernie Sanders is a “once in a lifetime” leader who has actually placed himself in a position … Continue reading

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Christians: Here’s What To Do If Donald Trump Has You Feeling Hopeless

Okay. So we know what we’re up against. Many of us have been walking around thinking, “No Freaking Way this guy can win. People are smarter than that. We are better than this!” But this election process is showing us that … Continue reading

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Four Things Our Grandchildren Are Going to Be Ashamed Of

Have you ever looked back in history at things people did and asked yourself, “How the hell did they think that was okay?!?” As a kid learning about U.S. history, I remember thinking, “You mean to tell me that women … Continue reading

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The Best Idea of the Day

So today was election day here in the good ‘ole US of A, and I (like most of the people in this country) spent the day at work. And I (along with Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont–Who is, by the … Continue reading

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